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By Finley-Day, Gerry, author
Book. English.
Published Oxford: 2000 AD, 2014
As the Norts and Southers wage war on the battle-torn world of Nu-Earth, the genetically-engineered soldier, Rogue Trooper, continues to search for an...

By Stradley, Randy, 1956- author
Book. English.
Published London: Titan Books, 2014
Master Dass Jennir will strive to find out what it means to be a Jedi in a changed galaxy now ruled by the Empire. Master K'Kruhk suddenly responsible...

Book. English.
Published London: Prion, 2014
This title presents a selection of strips from '2000 AD' and the 'Judge Dredd' magazine. The book is filled with the best Dredd storylines, including...

By Fridolfs, Derek, author
Book. English.
Published New York: DC Comics, 2013
In these stories inspired by the best selling videogame 'Batman: Arkham City', Dr Hugo Strange has gained control of Arkham Asylum. Now, Gotham City has...

Paperback. English.
Published Tunbridge Wells: Panini Publishing, [2013]
In 1958 the High Evolutionary's evolved and armoured elite forced the Elder God Chthon back to his prison. Forty years later the Avengers face the same...

By Hurwitz, Gregg Andrew, author
Paperback. English.
Published New York: DC Comics, 2014
The Scarecrow has returned to Gotham City, but he's no longer the meek punching bag Batman is used to. The villainous genius has always preyed on the...

By Byrne, John, 1950- author
Book. English.
Published New York: Marvel, 2014
Power. Immortality. Wisdom. Madness. Death. All those who partake in the mysterious Gathering of Five will gain one of these mystical gifts - but whichever...

Paperback. English.
Published Tunbridge Wells: Panini, [2013]
The life of shy high school student Peter Parker is changed forever after he is bitten by an irradiated spider. Blessed by the accident with extraordinary...

By Grant, Alan, 1949- author
Book. English.
Published Oxford: 2000 AD, 2014
Cassandra Anderson, PSI Division's finest Judge, has faced many tough challenges in her career - from saving Mega-City One from total annihilation at...

Paperback. English.
Published New York, NY: Marvel, [2014]
Can Spider-Man keep his secrets while facing off with the Secret Avengers? SHIELD has the Chameleon. The Superior Spider-Man wants him. Time to break...
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