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By Pirotta, Saviour, 1958-
Paperback. English.
Published London: Hodder Wayland: [distributor] Bookpoint: [distributor] Alliance Distribution Services Pty Ltd: [distributor] Alliance Distribution Services Pty Ltd: [distributor] Booksite Afrika, 2009
Colourful and informative first book about this most popular festival for ages 4 - 7. An ideal introduction to the celebration of Diwali for children...

By Glinert, Ed
Hardback. English.
Published London: Collins: [distributor] HarperCollins Distribution Services: [distributor] HarperCollins Publishers Pty Ltd: [distributor] HarperCollins New Zealand: [distributor] Jonathan Ball Publishers SA: [distributor] Independent Publishers Group, 2009
A guided tour of Britain's spiritual heritage. A guided tour of Britain's spiritual heritage Did Joseph of Arimathea really bring the holy grail to Glastonbury...

By Doherty, Berlie
Paperback. English.
Published Oxford: Oxford University Press: [distributor] Oxford University Press Distribution Services: [distributor] Oxford University Press Australia: [distributor] Oxford University Press Australia: [distributor] Oxford University Press Southern Africa: [distributor] Oxford University Press Inc. USA, 2009
Here is a collection of the most powerful and wonderful stories from the Old Testament, retold by award-winning author Berlie Doherty and illustrated...

By Pipe, Jim
Paperback. English.
Published Brighton: Book House: [distributor] Grantham Book Services Ltd: [distributor] South Pacific Book Distributors Ltd, 2009
Tells the harrowing story of the famous Salem witch trials and the frenzied witch hunt that gripped 17th Century America, told through the eyes of real...

By Dronfield, Jeremy author
Published Penguin 2009 2009
Where there is family, there is hope . . . Vienna, 1939. Nazi police seize Gustav Kleinmann, a Jewish upholsterer and his son, Fritz, and send the pair...

By Fry, Stephen author
Published Penguin 2005 2005
Few mere mortals have ever embarked on such bold and heart-stirring adventures, overcome myriad monstrous perils, or outwitted scheming vengeful gods,...
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