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The information you are providing is being collected to enable you to apply for membership of the Wirral Library Service and may be shared with other relevant departments within the Council and/or relevant partners where the law allows.

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By joining the library I agree to:

  • Bring back what I borrow on time and in good condition. Fines and charges may be incurred for late return or damage.
  • Treat library staff, customers, and property with respect and consideration
  • Observe the ICT Code of Practice
  • I agree to notify the library immediately if the ticket is lost or stolen (you will be held responsible for all items borrowed on that ticket up to notification)

I understand that if I do not, I may not be able to use the library

General Data Protection Register
Wirral Council is committed to protecting your privacy when you use Council services. For more information see the Council website for a copy of the Principal Privacy Notice.