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Book. English.
Published Thousand Oaks, Calif. ; London : Sage 2005
There are several approaches to incorporating culture into communication theories. First, culture can be integrated with the communication process in...

By Holliday, Adrian
Book. English.
Published London : Routledge 2004
Intercultural Communication: introduces the key theories of intercultural communication explores ways in which people communicate within and across social...

By Hall, Edward Twitchell, 1914-
Book. English.
Published New York : Anchor Books 1990
A study of the non-verbal language which exists in every culture, the elaborate patterns of behavior through which we communicate

Book. English.
Published Yarmouth, Me. : Intercultural Press 1998

Book. English.
Published [Belmont, Calif.?] : Wadsworth, Cengage Learning 2012
13th ed
INTERCULTURAL COMMUNICATION: A READER, International Edition explores how communication values and styles can vary across cultures and communities, providing...

By Jackson, Jane, 1954-
Book. English.
Published London: New York, NY: Routledge, 2014
Introducing Language and Intercultural Communicationis a lively and accessible introduction for undergraduates who are new to the area of intercultural...

By Jandt, Fred Edmund
Book. English.
Published Thousand Oaks ; London : Sage 2001
3rd ed
This easy-to-read volume covers a wide range of material including a historical framework to view the development of current topics; an integration of...

By Jandt, Fred Edmund
Book. English.
Published Thousand Oaks, Calif. ; London : SAGE 1998
2nd ed

By Neuliep, James William, 1957-
Book. English.
Published Los Angeles ; London : SAGE 2009
4th ed
Intercultural Communication, Fourth Edition provides students with a clear model for examining communication within cultural, micro-cultural, environmental...

Book. English.
Published Oxford : Pergamon 1982
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