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By Rudakoff, Judith D., 1953-
Book. English.
Published Bristol: Intellect Books, 2015
How do people identify, locate, or express home? Displaced, exiled, colonized, and disenfranchised people the world over grapple with this question. '...

By Welsh, Alexander, 1933-
Book. English.
Published Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard University Press 1986

By Scruggs, Charles
Book. English.
Published Baltimore ; London : Johns Hopkins University Press 1993
This text identifies the black urban experience as a driving force behind the 20th-century Afro-American novel, resulting in a fictional tradition that...

By Edmond, Rod
Book. English.
Published London ; New York : Routledge 1988
The Victorian narrative poem proved an appropriate fictional form for investigating marriage, sexuality and the role of women. This study includes analyses...

By Gan, Wendy
eBook. English.
Published Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, c2009
Privacy is not often thought of as a marker of modernity but a look at British women's writing of the early twentieth century suggests that it should...

By Ellis, Kate Ferguson, 1938-
Book. English.
Published Urbana : University of Illinois Press 1989

By Danielson, Marivel T
Book. English.
Published New Brunswick, N.J. : Rutgers University Press 2009
'Homecoming Queers' discusses the multiple strategies used by queer Latina authors & artists in the US to challenge silence & invisibility within mainstream...

By George, Rosemary Marangoly
Book. English.
Published Cambridge : Cambridge University Press 1996
The Politics of Home draws attention to the multiple relocations that take place in literatures in English in the twentieth century by examining the changing...

By Burton, Antoinette M., 1961-
Book. English.
Published New York ; Oxford : Oxford University Press 2003
Through an analysis of the writings of three 20th century Indian women, this book explores how the memoirs, fictions, and histories written by women can...

By Cohen, Monica F
Book. English.
Published Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1998
Much attention has recently been given by scholars to the widening of the gender gap in the nineteenth century and the concept of separate spheres. Testing...
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