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By Jay, Gregory S., author
Book. English.
Published New York: Oxford University Press, 2018
'White Writers, Race Matters' explores the popular tradition of white-authored novels about racism in America. What explains their success, and what are...

By Marcus, Jane
Book. English.
Published New Brunswick, N.J. ; London : Rutgers University Press 2003
In this book, one of modernism's most insightful critics, Jane Marcus, examines the writings of novelists such as Virginia Woolf, Nancy Cunard, Mulk Raj...

By Chupa, Anna Maria
Book. English.
Published New York ; London : Greenwood Press 1990
Applies Jungian archetypical theory and certain West African religious principles to the analysis of fictional characterizations of white women, considering...

By Kissel, Susan S
Book. English.
Published Bowling Green, OH : Bowling Green State University Popular Press 1996
A critical analysis of Grau, Tyler, and Godwin as representatives of how contemporary white, southern women novelists are evolving from a patriarchal...

By Bröck-Sallah, Sabine, 1954-
Book. English.
Published Frankfurt am Main ; New York : Peter Lang 1999

By Gabler-Hover, Janet
Book. English.
Published Lexington : University Press of Kentucky 2000
The biblical figure Hagar was widely understood by 19th century Americans to be African, and yet in various novels and paintings she was depicted as white...
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