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  1. Festival of Words

    Festival of Words added 22nd May

    Southwark Libraries are proud to support new and emerging writers with the Festival of Words. The literary festival that spans across Southwark, for children and adults. The programme contains a range of cultural events including creative writers, spoken word artists, storytellers and more.

  2. YA Book Prize shortlist 2018
  3. funny books for kids

    funny books for kids added 10th January

    All the way through you will be laughing uncontrollably

  4. books children must read before their in their teens
  5. Books children age 10 will love

    Books children age 10 will love added 24th November 2017

    Books you should buy for your child when 9 or 10.

  6. London Calling

    London Calling added 20th November 2017

    An exciting selection of fiction set in our great city. Currently available at Canada Water, Dulwich, John Harvard, Camberwell and Peckham libraries. Some of the titles are also available on talking book, eBooks and eReaders.

  7. Children's classic's

    Children's classic's added 8th November 2017

    Beautiful classics that your child will be delighted by.

  8. Mad Men Reading List

    Mad Men Reading List added 10th October 2017

    Books that appear on Mad Men that Southwatk library has

  9. Children's favourite mystery books

    Children's favourite mystery books added 2nd October 2017

    Children's will love these. Page flicking mysteries.

  10. LGBT booklist

    LGBT booklist added 24th February 2017

    LGBT fiction, poetry and non-fiction recommended by Southwark Libraries staff. The list begins with fiction in alphabetical order of author, followed by poetry and then non-fiction. Click on the title to check availability at your local library or to reserve an item.

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