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Recent lists

  1. Using your tablet

    Using your tablet added 27th October 2016

    Helpful books for iPad and Android tablet users.

  2. Shakespeare then and now

    Shakespeare then and now added 21st October 2016

    Books inspired by the life and work of William Shakespeare.

  3. Books and Films

    Books and Films added 20th October 2016

    A list of DVDs that are in stock in the Library which were adapted from books. If you enjoyed the film why not read the book (or vice versa!) Certificates range from U to 18.

  4. All Creatures Great and Small

    All Creatures Great and Small added 18th October 2016

    Non-fiction about animals and wildlife

  5. Incredible but true

    Incredible but true added 14th October 2016

    Incredible true stories.

  6. World War 1 in Shetland

    World War 1 in Shetland added 14th October 2016

    Books about Shetland and the First World War plus more general books about the battle of the Somme, trench warfare and the Northern Blockade in Shetland.

  7. Great Starters to Great Series

    Great Starters to Great Series added 13th October 2016

    Great first books from popular series' in the Young Adult and Junior genres.

  8. Lunch With Dickens

    Lunch With Dickens added 13th October 2016

    A broad selection of classic novels.

  9. Mills & Boon Medical Large Print
  10. Holocaust Memorial Day

    Holocaust Memorial Day added 8th January 2015

    Tied to the annual remembrance of the tragedy of Holocaust and of genocide.

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