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Recent lists

  1. 19th century flute

    19th century flute added 25th April

    Some historical editions of flute music, some books about early flutes and bibliographies of flute music.

  2. MiH3 Improvisation

    MiH3 Improvisation added 4th November 2016

    A selection of books in connection with the Music in History 3 topic 'Humming in the Background : Improvisation, Music and Culture'

  3. Reflective practice

    Reflective practice added 18th October 2016

    Reflection, E-journal, E-portfolio, journal, diary, practice, performance

  4. Music in History 3 (Wagner)

    Music in History 3 (Wagner) added 28th September 2016

  5. Creative Music Studies

    Creative Music Studies added 23rd September 2016

  6. Advanced Compositional Techniques 2

    Advanced Compositional Techniques 2 added 14th September 2016

  7. Advanced Compositional Techniques 1

    Advanced Compositional Techniques 1 added 14th September 2016

  8. The Healthy Musician

    The Healthy Musician added 14th September 2016

  9. Research Project

    Research Project added 14th September 2016

  10. Electroacoustic Composition 3

    Electroacoustic Composition 3 added 14th September 2016

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