General Search Tips

Enter the word(s) you want to find. This can be a combination of title author or phrase. Use the "refine your search" options on the left column to narrow your search.

When searching for opus numbers, you can search for composer and number, e.g. Beethoven 130

You can refine your search here and use the powerful Collection search to narrow your search to items from a particular collection i.e. "Playscript", "All Printed Music", "DVD" etc.

Cast Index Search Tips

You can search Playscripts by the number of male and female cast members, along with combining searches with other elements of the record.

For the number of male characters, type the number of characters, followed by "ma" then a space, then the number of female characters followed by "fe" e.g. 2ma 3fe. If you are looking for a play with an all-male or all-female cast, type the number of male/female characters and then the total e.g. 2fe 2total.

You can also perform Boolean searches by entering the words "OR" "AND" & "NOT". e.g.

2ma AND 2fe = Plays with 2 female and 2 male characters
2ma OR 2fe = Plays with 2 female or 2 male characters
2ma NOT 2fe = Plays with 2 males but not 2 FE

Boolean searching can be used to find data from any part of the record, for example:

2ma AND families = Plays with 2 male characters and the keyword "families".
4ma 4fe NOT Brecht = Plays with 4 male characters and 4 female characters, but not by Brecht.

Searches can become complex, so beware!

Instrumentation Index Search Tips

Use this index to find out what sheet music is available in the library for different combinations of instruments. There are three simple rules in searching for music, Firstly, enter instruments in descending score order, highest first. Secondly, enter the number of each instrument required. Lastly, remember that complex terms such as Cor anglais and Double bass are entered as single words. One double bass is thus entered as "Doublebass1".

A search for string quartet music is entered as Violin2, viola1, violoncello1 (note that we enter Violoncello, not Cello). Similarly, a wind quintet search is Flute1, oboe1, clarinet1, bassoon1, horn1. Use spacing between the elements.

Piano duets on one or two pianos are Piano1 (4 hands) or Piano2 (4 hands)