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By Harkins, Michael
eBook. English.
Published Lausanne: AVA Publishing SA, 2018
First ed
"Basics Typography 02: Using Type is a wide ranging and practical guide to typography. The book starts with an exploration of how to define type, where...

By Kane, John
Book. English.
Published London: Laurence King, 2002
This book provides a practical guide for the beginner presenting the basic principles and applications of typography with a series of exercises that reinforce...

By Carter, Rob
Book. English.
Published New York; [Great Britain]: John Wiley & Sons, c2002
3rd ed
∗ New case studies showcase design for Web sites, CD–ROMs, and environmental graphics in addition to the existing case studies which detail examples of...

Book. English.
Published New York: Allworth Press, c2000
These writings discuss various kinds of established reading patterns-from magazine browsing to online reading to contemplating a one-word poster. All...

By Woolman, Matt
Book. English.
Published London: Thames & Hudson, 2005
Showcasing the huge and inspirational steps made in animated digital typography, Matt Woolman presents over 80 projects in detail, arranged into five...

By Vartanian, Ivan
Book. English.
Published Mies: RotoVision, c2003
The fascination of type for typographers and graphic designers alike has always been the interplay between the form, style and shape of the letterform...

By Poynor, Rick
Book. English.
Published London: Laurence King, 2003
The last twenty-five years have seen profound changes in the field of graphic communication. One by one, the old certainties about the techniques and...

By Tselentis, Jason
Book. English.
Published Beverley, Mass.: Rockport, c2011
'Typology' is a useful, comprehensive typography resource that both students and professional designers should have in their library. It looks at the...

By Bartram, Alan, 1932-
Book. English.
Published London: British Library, 2005
Written by a leading writer on graphic design and typography, this book traces the development of Futuristic typography, and describes examples of around...

By Harkins, Michael
Book. English.
Published Lausanne: AVA Academia, c2010
'Basics Typography' titles are designed to provide visual arts students with a theoretical and practical exploration of each of the topics within the...
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