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By Baldacci, David
CD. English.
Published Chivers Audio, 2009
Casino king and vicious thug Jerry Bagger is hunting Annabelle Conroy, who conned him out of millions. Stone and his colleagues Reuben, Milton and Caleb...

By Reichs, Kathy
CD. English.
Published Bath: Chivers Audio, 2011
This is a gripping thriller from world-class forensic anthropologist, Kathy Reichs, bestselling author of 'Cross Bones' and 'Break No Bones'

By Harrison, Sarah, 1946- author
CD. English.
Published Rearsby: Clipper Audio, 2015
From London and the fields of Kent to Paris, Vienna and the Western Front, the lives of three very different women are changed irrevocably by love, ambition...

By Stephen, Martin, 1949- author
CD. English.
Published Bath: Oakhill, 2015
Queen Elizabeth I is dying, and the King of England's oldest and bitterest enemy, Scotland, is poised to take the throne. Lonely, her power fading, Elizabeth...

By Buchan, Elizabeth
CD. English.
Published Chivers Audio Books, 2008
When Violet returns from New York with her new husband, Prue is precipitated into a secret life. Elizabeth Buchan's other novels include 'Daughters of...

By Cruickshanks, Lucy, 1984- author
CD. English.
Published Rearsby: W. F. Howes Ltd, 2016
In 1980s Burma, the British ambassador's son goes missing. Taken north from the capital Rangoon, Michael soon finds himself used as a pawn in a rebel...

By Hemmings, Kaui Hart
CD. English.
Published Bath: Chivers Audio, 2012
A descendant of one of Hawaii's largest landowners, Matthew King finds his luck has changed. His daughters are out of control; his wife, Joanie, lies...

By Lee, Maureen, author
CD. English.
Published Bath: Chivers Audio, 2013
1944. In the Swiss mountains, Flora Knox is waiting for a train. A cattle train draws closer to the station, pulling a fleet of slatted trucks behind....

By Clannachan, Lezanne, author
CD. English.
Published Bath: Oakhill, 2018
Unabridged edition
Anna knows what lies look like. She can see untruths spill out and colour the air, and read a person's emotions - even when they're trying to hide them...

By Barnes, Julian, 1946-
Cassette. English.
Published BBC Audiobooks, 2004
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