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By Dymott, Elanor
CD. English.
Published Bath: Chivers Audio, 2012
Alex in his 30s, a solitary man who has finally found love with Rachel. When Rachel is murdered one midsummer night, Alex's life vanishes. He returns...

By Barrett, Pete, author
CD. English.
Published Bath: Oakhill, 2013
Tich is small - and fed up. He thinks life is rubbish. Then Dad gives him an old board game and suddenly he's off on an adventure. Slay a dragon - on...

By McCullough, Colleen, 1937-2015, author
CD. English.
Published Rearsby: Clipper Audio, 2015
Missy Wright's mother has been shunned by her family since marrying for love, not money. Now widowed, the women live a quiet existence in genteel poverty...

By Asquith, Ros
CD. English.
Published Chivers Children's Audio, 2005

By Pearce, Michael, 1933-
CD. English.
Published Chivers Audio, 2010
Cairo in 1909 is the murder capital of the world, a place where deaths are two a piastre. But the death of an effendi is something different. They are...

By Gardner, Lisa
CD. English.
Published Isis Audio Books, 2010
For the last three years, each summer, the residents of Atlanta have been subjected to the murder of two girls by a serial killer. This year he has left...

By Rees, Joanna, author
CD. English.
Published Rearsby: Lamplight Audiobooks, 2018
1989. When happy-go-lucky fifteen-year-old Leila is exiled from her exotic home on Lace Island to a cold English boarding school, it is just the beginning...

By Magrs, Paul, 1969-
CD. English.
Published BBC Audiobooks, 2008
Abridged ed
The Tiermanns live in a luxurious dreamhome which is protected by a force shield. But that won't protect them from the gigantic hungry alien which is...

By Bolt, Britta, author
CD. English.
Published Bath: Oakhill, 2016
In Amsterdam, there's a council department known affectionately as the Lonely Funerals team. It exists to arrange burials for the abandoned or unknown...

By Brett, Simon, author, narrator
CD. English.
Published Oxford: ISIS Audio Books, 2019
Unabridged edition
Although she hadn't known Leonard Mallett very well, Carole Seddon feels duty bound to attend her fellow committee member's funeral. As she suspected,...
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