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By Smith, Wilbur A., author
CD. English.
Published Melbourne: Bolinda Audio, 2018
Torn apart by war, Saffron Courtney and Gerhard von Meerbach are thousands of miles apart, both struggling for their lives. Gerhard - despite his objections...

By Gardner, Lyn, author
CD. English.
Published Bath: Oakhill, 2015
The Ghastly McNastys are the meanest pirates to ever sail the seven seas and are completely obsessed with treasure! They are closing in on Captain Syd...

By McCall Smith, Alexander, 1948- author
CD. English.
Published Rearsby: Nudged Children's Audiobooks, 2017
After successfully thwarting a dastardly plan to steal rare marine animals from the sea around the Scottish island of Mull, Ben and Fee MacTavish feel...

By Walden, Mark, author
CD. English.
Published Bath: Chivers Children's Audio, 2013
Otto and Raven are desperate to rescue their friends from the clutches of Anastasia Furan, head of the evil Disciples organisations. First they must track...

By Mackenzie, Ross
CD. English.
Published Bath: Chivers Children's Audio, 2011
Zac Wonder's life takes a strange turn when, on the stroke of midnight, he is plunged into a world on the other side of sleep. Is he still dreaming? Has...

By Hilton, Matt, 1966- author
CD. English.
Published Long Preston: Magna, 2015
Luke Rickard has stolen Joe Hunter's identity and committed a vicious double murder. His motive? Revenge. His method? A blade. His mission? Kill anyone...

By Smith, Wilbur A
CD. English.
Published London: Macmillan Digital Audio, 2000
Abridged ed. / abridged by Kati Nicoll
Harry Fletcher, a man with a chequered past, has reformed and is making an honest living as a charter skipper. Suddenly men from the world of violence...

By Hamilton, Alwyn, author
CD. English.
Published Rearsby: Jammer Audiobooks, 2018
Once, in the desert country of Miraji, there was a Sultan without an heir. The heir had been killed by his own brother, the treacherous Rebel Prince,...

By Aslet, Clive, 1955- author
CD. English.
Published Bath: Oakhill, 2016
Salonika in 1916 is a city more than half-Jewish and, until a few months ago, one of the jewels in the Ottoman crown. It is now suddenly Greek. Nominally...

By Burchett, Jan
CD. English.
Published Bath: Chivers Children's Audio, 2011
Twins Ben and Zoe are in deepest China in search of baby panda, Jing Jing, who has escaped from a panda sanctuary following an earthquake. But there's...
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