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By Granger, Ann
CD. English.
Published Rearsby: Clipper Audio, 2011
The second novel featuring Lizzie Martin, lady's companion, and her friend, Inspector Ben Ross of Scotland Yard. Lizzie travels to the New Forest to comfort...

By Carter, Maureen, author
CD. English.
Published Rearsby: W. F. Howes Ltd, 2015
Rape, baby-snatching, murder: all in a day's work for Birmingham's finest - but when the removal men have only just left your new house, your lover's...

By Rendell, Ruth, 1930-2015, author
CD. English.
Published Melbourne: Bolinda Audio, 2009
Ravens are not predatory, but they aren't soft and submissive - the collective noun for them is an unkindness. A raven is the symbol used by a feminist...

By Anderson, Lin, author
CD. English.
Published Bath: Oakhill, 2014
When Amy MacKenzie agrees to attend a meeting at a local spiritualist church, the last person she expects to hear calling to her from beyond the grave...

By Gardner, Lisa, author
CD. English.
Published Oxford: ISIS Audio Books, 2013
Justin and Libby Denbe have it all: a beautiful daughter, a gorgeous house and a great marriage. And now they are gone. Arriving at the crime scene of...

By Nadel, Barbara
CD. English.
Published Chivers Audio, 2009
As London suffers at the hands of the German Luftwaffe during the height of the Blitz, undertaker Francis Hancock suddenly finds himself caught up in...

By Florkiewicz, Lynn, author
CD. English.
Published Long Preston: Magna Story Sound, 2018
Unabridged edition
Lord James Harrington and his wife, Beth run a country hotel in West Sussex, England. Autumn has arrived and they are helping with the Harvest festivities...

By Warner, Dave, author
CD. English.
Published Rearsby: Clipper Audiobooks, 2018
Inspector Daniel Clement is back in Broome, the tropical town where he grew up, licking his wounds from a busted marriage and struggling to be impressed...

By Wilson, Derek, 1935-
CD. English.
Published ISIS Audio Books, 2013
In the first of a new series investigating real unsolved Tudor crimes, D.K. Wilson brings the streets of Tudor London to spectacular life as Thomas Treviot...

By Crombie, Deborah
CD. English.
Published Rearsby: Clipper Audio, 2012
Artist Sandra Gilles disappears after leaving her three-year-old daughter, Charlotte, with a friend. Her lawyer husband, Naz, is devastated, but is also...
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