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  1. Music

    Music added 19th March 2015


  2. Susan's favourites for younger readers

    Susan's favourites for younger readers added 19th March 2015

    These are books that I either loved as a child, or have discovered since

  3. Top Ten Teen Reads

    Top Ten Teen Reads added 13th March 2014

    These are the top ten teenage books borrowed October - December 2019.

  4. Janie-Beth's Books to Read Before You're Fourteen

    Janie-Beth's Books to Read Before You're Fourteen added 4th February 2014

    A friend of mine who teaches English asked me which books I thought her pupils should have read. This is my somewhat random, off-the-top-of-my-head list.

  5. Books on Prescription

    Books on Prescription added 17th October 2013

    Books on Prescription help you manage your well-being using self-help reading. The scheme is approved by health professionals and supported by public librarians. The books have all been recommended by experts. They have been tried and tested and found to be useful. The books provide helpful information and step-by-step self-help techniques for managing common conditions including depression and anxiety.

  6. Mood Boosting Books

    Mood Boosting Books added 17th October 2013

    Mood Boosting Books is a collection of uplifting novels, non-fiction and poetry selected by readers.

  7. Top Ten Picture Books

    Top Ten Picture Books added 6th August 2013

    Here's the list of the most borrowed picture books in October - December 2019.

  8. Books I say I'm going to read but never seem to get round to!
  9. Janie-Beth's Scottish Selection

    Janie-Beth's Scottish Selection added 13th May 2013

    Delights from my beautiful country.

  10. Janie-Beth's Norwegian Dream

    Janie-Beth's Norwegian Dream added 9th May 2013

    Norway: where at least part of my heart is.

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