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By Spilsbury, Louise
Book. English.
Published Oxford: Heinemann Library, 2003
The books that make up this collection are educational reference books that address the classification of living things. They are illustrated in colour...

By Thomas, Isabel
Paperback. English.
Published London: Raintree, 2013
The books in this series reveal examples of some of the most bizarre, amazing, and extreme animals in the world. This book looks at remarkable reptiles...

By Miles, Liz
Paperback. English.
Published London: Franklin Watts, 2013
This series explores what it would be like to watch a pack of velociraptors attack, or smell the fetid, poisonous breath of a T-Rex

By Ringstad, Arnold
Hardback. English.
Published Oxford: Raintree, [2017]
Curious kids will be enthralled with this dip-into and dip-out-of book loaded with quirky facts about reptiles. Even reluctant readers will be fascinated...

By Lewis, Clare
Paperback. English.
Published London: Raintree, [2016]
Find out all about scales and how they help snakes and other animals move, stay safe and survive. Discover how scales are different on different animals...

By Kelly, Tracey
Hardback. English.
Published Oxford: Raintree, [2019]
Be a dinosaur detective! Look at the fact files about swimming reptiles such as Placodus, Ichthyosaur and Plesiosaurus and find out what each one ate,...
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