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By Harman, Alice
Hardback. English.
Published London: Wayland, 2012
A fun and interactive introductory look at amazing periods, events and people in history

By Chrisp, Peter
Book. English.
Published London: Two-Can in association with Franklin Watts, 1997

By Wilding, Valerie
Book. English.
Published London: Hippo, 2005
You've probably heard of Boudica, but did you know that she learned to use weapons as a little girl and burned London to the ground? In this title, readers...

By Longley, Elizabeth
Book. English.
Published Hove: Macdonald Young, 1997

By James, Simon, 1957-
Book. English.
Published London: Dorling Kindersley, 2002

By Dipper, Frances
Book. English.
Published London: Dorling Kindersley, 2003
Peel back the layers of Cleopatra's sunken palace or search for treasure on the seabed in this revealing book. Integrated see-through acetate pages uncover...

By Macdonald, Fiona
Book. English.
Published London: Belitha Press, 1997

By Clements, Gillian
Book. English.
Published London: Franklin Watts, 2004
The 'Building History' series takes a step-by-step look at how great buildings of the past were constructed. It introduces the people who created them...

By Richards, Jon
Hardback. English.
Published London: Wayland, 2018
What makes an animal, an animal? And what makes a reptile different from a mammal, or fish - and how about amphibians? What's all that about? Whether...

Hardback. English.
Published London: Dorling Kindersley Limited, 2018
This kids' book is packed with fun facts and rainy day activities: the perfect boredom buster for screen-free, on-the-go entertainment
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