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By Swinney, Nicola Jane
Hardback. English.
Published London: QED, [2017]
Want to know which breed of horse is used to pull machinery? Would you like to find out which breed was used as a war horse? With cute and fun photography...

By Amstutz, Lisa J., author
Hardback. English.
Published Oxford: Raintree, 2018
Squeak! Tiny hamsters make fun pets. Some have a solid colour and others have three different colours. Some have short tails and others have long tails...

By Thomas, Isabel
Hardback. English.
Published London: Raintree, 2014
Gordon the guinea pig reveals how readers should go about choosing pet guinea pigs, what supplies they will need, how to make a new pet guinea pig feel...

By Johnson, Jinny
Hardback. English.
Published London: Franklin Watts, 2013
This series is a great introduction to the joys and responsibilities of keeping popular pets. Aimed at younger readers, the series gives clear and straightforward...

By Doyle, Sheri
Hardback. English.
Published Oxford: Raintree, [2016]
Whinny and neigh. Gallop and trot. Horses are at home on the farm

By Clay, Kathryn
Hardback. English.
Published Oxford: Raintree, [2016]
Climb and play. Rest in a sunny field. Goats are at home on the farm

By Jacobs, Pat
Hardback. English.
Published London: Wayland, 2017
'Hamster' is the perfect title for any animal-loving child out there. From where they sleep to what they eat, and how you can make them feel safe and...

By Gardeski, Christina Mia
Paperback. English.
Published Oxford: Raintree, [2017]
Why do some rabbits' ears flop? Why do some rabbits' ears stick straight up? Discover more about your pet in this fun and engaging read!

By Leonard, Dion
Paperback. English.
Published London: HarperCollins Children's Books, 2017
In 2016, Dion Leonard, a seasoned ultramarathon runner, unexpectedly stumbled across a little stray dog while competing in a gruelling 150 mile race across...

By Claybourne, Anna
Paperback. English.
Published London: Bloomsbury, 2012
Hippos are amazing creatures, but they are also at risk in the wild. Become a hippo expert and discover where they live, what they eat and how different...
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