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By Jones, Seth G., 1972-
eBook. English.
Published Santa Monica, CA: RAND National Defense Research Institute, 2010
Security in Afghanistan has historically required a combination of top-down efforts from the central government and bottom-up efforts from local communities...

eBook. English.
The Islamic Republic of Iran poses serious challenges to U.S. interests in the Middle East, and its nuclear program continues to worry, and bring condemnation...

eBook. English.
In the wake of September 11 through the U.S. invasion of Iraq, a key tenet of U.S. foreign policy has been that promoting democracy in the Arab world...

By Rabasa, Angel, author
eBook. English.
Published Santa Monica, CA: RAND, 2002
The Indonesian military, with its tradition of secular nationalism, is one of the few institutions that cut across the divides of Indonesian society....

By Wolf, Charles, Jr., 1924-2016, author
eBook. English.
This collection of essays examines the case for and against globalization, the effects of U.S. economic and foreign policy, and numerous issues related...

By Connery, David
eBook. English.
Published Acton, A.C.T.: ANU E Press, 2010
"East Timor's violent transition to independence, which began early in 1999, presented the Australian Government with a significant foreign policy crisis...

By Huisken, Ronald
eBook. English.
Published The Australian National University, A.C.T.: ANU E Press, 2010

By Campbell McDowall, Roy
eBook. English.
Published Acton, A.C.T.: ANU E Press, 2009
"Australia's strategic depiction of China has assumed increased importance as it attempts to harmonise economic interests (focusing on China) with security...
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