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By Binnendijk, Hans, author
eBook. English.
Published Santa Monica, CA: RAND, 2016
" ... RAND experts explore the elements of a national strategy for the conduct of U.S. foreign and security policy in this administration and the next...

By Chalk, Peter
eBook. English.
Published Santa Monica, California: RAND, 2013
This RAND report explores the role and force posture of the U.S. Army in Southeast Asia, both now and out to 2020. The author argues that, under the current...

By Thaler, David E
eBook. English.
Published Santa Monica, CA: RAND, [2013]
For over a decade, operations associated with irregular warfare have placed large demands on U.S. ground forces and have led to development of new Army...

eBook. English.
"The authors assess the utility and limitations of "minimalist stabilization"--Small-scale interventions designed to stabilize a partner government engaged...

eBook. English.
Published Santa Monica, CA: RAND, 2012
"In the coming decade, NATO faces growing fiscal austerity and declining defense budgets. This study analyzes the impact of planned defense budget cuts...

By Schaefer, Agnes Gereben, author
eBook. English.
The security situation in Mexico has deteriorated in recent years. To help inform debate on the future of U.S.-Mexico relations, this study examined a...

By Hunter, Robert Edwards, 1940-
eBook. English.
Published Santa Monica, CA: RAND, 2010
Following the war in Iraq, the United States, along with its allies and friends, faces the need to define a new, long-term strategy for the Persian Gulf...

By Chivvis, Christopher S
eBook. English.
Published Santa Monica, CA: RAND, 2009
"To address its security challenges, the United States needs the active support of its allies. This means, in particular, ensuring that the states of...

eBook. English.
"Like the U.S. Air Force, many U.S. allies work with partner countries on security matters, sometimes even with the same partners, but on a smaller scale...

By Kelly, Terrence K
eBook. English.
Published Santa Monica: RAND Corp., 2011
Analyzes security force assistance efforts in Afghanistan, focusing on lessons and themes that emerged from extensive fieldwork in Afghanistan in 2009...
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