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Paperback. English.
Published Stroud, Gloucestershire: Tempus, 2008

By Adey, Peter, author
eBook. English.
Published London: Bloomsbury Academic, 2017
This volume looks at the social effect of bombing on urban centres like Liverpool, Coventry and London, critically examining how the wartime authorities...

By Lewy, Guenter, 1923- author
eBook. English.
Published New York: Oxford University Press, [2017]
The Nazis' attempt to annihilate the Jewish people, the Holocaust, continues to raise a disturbing question. About six million defenseless men, women,...

By Hobbs, David, 1946- author
eBook. English.
Published Barnsley: Seaforth Publishing, 2017
An expert reappraisal of a neglected aspect of Great War history In a few short years after 1914 the Royal Navy practically invented naval air warfare...

By Bercuson, David Jay, author
eBook. English.
Published Calgary: University of Calgary Press, [2014]
Long Night of the Tankers presents a fresh account of a lesser-known but critical component of the Atlantic naval theatre during World War II. Using war...

By Morton, Nicholas, 1980- author
eBook. English.
Published New York: Cambridge University Press, 2016
A fundamental reassessment of Christian/Islamic relations during the First Crusade, combating its representation as an inter-faith clash of civilizations...

By Perry, Walt L., author
eBook. English.
Published Santa Monica, CA: RAND, [2015]
The September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks caught the United States without a plan for military operations in Afghanistan. In less than 30 days, the Department...

By Johnson, David E. (David Eugene), 1950- author
eBook. English.
Published Santa Monica, CA: RAND, [2013]
In 2008, U.S. and Iraqi forces defeated an uprising in Sadr City, a district of Baghdad with ~2.4 million residents. Coalition forces' success in this...

By Johnson, David E. (David Eugene), 1950-
eBook. English.
Published Santa Monica Calif.: RAND, 2011
"The 2008 Battle of Sadr City, which took place in Baghdad nearly 15 months after the beginning of the U.S. "surge" in Iraq, has received relatively little...

By Mueller, Karl P., author
eBook. English.
Published Santa Monica, CA: RAND, [2015]
"A team of U.S. and international experts assesses the impact of various nations' airpower efforts during the 2011 conflict in Libya, including NATO allies...
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