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eBook. English.
Published Acton, A.C.T.: ANU Press, 2018
Road pricing is not a new concept - toll roads have existed in Australia since Governor Macquarie established one from Sydney to Parramatta in 1811 -...

By Glenn, Russell W
eBook. English.
Published Santa Monica, CA: RAND Corp., 2007
With a matter of weeks to prepare, Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI) personnel landed on July 24, 2003, armed for conflict but equally...

eBook. English.
Published Adelaide: University of Adelaide Press in association with the University of Adelaide's Research Unit for the Study of Society, Law and Religion, 2012
'The Australian Constitution contains no guarantee of freedom of religion or freedom of conscience. Indeed, it contains very few provisions dealing with...

By Sullivan, Clare
eBook. English.
This is the first full-length study that recognises and discusses digital identity in a transactional context under a national identity scheme. It contrasts...

By Magarey, Susan
eBook. English.
Published Adelaide: University of Adelaide Press, 2010
[New ed.]
"Originally published in 1985, this revised edition with an updated Introduction, is being published by the University of Adelaide Press to commemorate...

By Harvey, Nick, 1952-
eBook. English.
Published Adelaide, S. Aust.: University of Adelaide Press, 2010
"The coast is one of our most valuable assets but how is it being treated and what is being done to look after it? Coastal Management in Australia is...

eBook. English.
Published Adelaide: University of Adelaide Press, 2009
Rev. ed

eBook. English.
Published Adelaide, South Australia: University of Adelaide Press, 2012
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