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By Garza Mercado, Ario
eBook. Spanish.
1. edition

By Locher-Scholten, Elsbeth, 1944-
eBook. English.
"This book deals with the ambiguous relationship between Indonesian and European women and the colonial state in the former Netherlands Indies (or Dutch...

By McKay, Alex
eBook. English.
"By the end of the 19th century, British imperial medical officers and Christian medical missionaries began to introduce Western medicine to Tibet, Sikkim...

By Welchman, Lynn
eBook. English.
A number of Arab states have recently either codified Muslim family law for the first time, or have issued amendments or new laws which significantly...

eBook. English.
"This volume presents new topics from Chinese history of the last 1400 years from a broad range of fields such as politics, religion, society, economy...

By Groot, Maaike
eBook. English.
This new volume in the acclaimed Amsterdam Archaeological Studies series explores the roles of animals in a rural community in the civitas Batavorum

By Doorman, Maarten
eBook. English.
Published Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press, 2003
A philosophical essay in support of the argument that progress in art is both possible and necessary

By Elsaesser, Thomas, 1943-
eBook. English.
Published Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press, 2005
Annotation Has European cinema, in the age of globalization, lost contact not only with the world at large, but with its own audiences? Between the thriving...

By Zanger, Anat
eBook. English.
The first book-length account of the symbolic chains that link remakes such as Psycho and Carmen and explain their disguises

By Roymans, Nico
eBook. English.
An empirically-based analysis of the emergence of the Batavian ethnicity within the Roman Empire
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