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Rival Kurdish movements in Turkey: transforming ethnic conflict

Rival Kurdish movements in Turkey: transforming ethnic conflict

Gurbuz, Mustafa Cagri, author

eBook, Electronic resource, Book. English. History. Electronic books.
Published Amsterdam : Amsterdam University Press 2016

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ISBN: 9048527422, 908964878X, 9789048527427, 9789089648785
EAN: 9789089648785
Note: Includes bibliographical references and index.
Note: Print version record.
Physical Description: 1 online resource (206 pages) : illustrations.
Other Number: 9789089648785
Series: Protest and social movements ; 7
Subject: Politics and government.; Society and social sciences Society and social sciences.; Kurds Autonomy and independence movements.; SOCIAL SCIENCE General.; Turkey.; Kurds Turkey History Autonomy and independence movements.; Demonstrations and protest movements.; POLITICAL SCIENCE Political Process Political Advocacy.; Political activism.
Series Title: Protest and social movements ; 7.


  1. Acknowledgments
  2. Introduction
  3. 1. Ethnic Conflict and Social Movements
  4. A Multi-Institutional Politics Approach
  5. What Makes a Kurdish Activist
  6. The Argument of the Book
  7. How Does Meaning-Making Matter?
  8. Organization of the Book
  9. 2. Kurdish Movements in the Southeast
  10. The Kurdish Ethno-Nationalist Movement
  11. Hizbullah in Turkey
  12. Locating the Pro-Islamic AKP
  13. 3. Exogenous Shocks on the Eve of the Millennium
  14. The EU Factor: Turkey's Membership Process and De-Securitization
  15. Changing International Political Environment
  16. The Rise of the AKP: Radical Shifts in Turkish Politics
  17. 4. Civic Competition and Conflict Transformation
  18. Emerging Arenas of Competition in the Kurdish Civic Sphere
  19. Arenas of Competition and Strategy-Making
  20. 5. Resemblance and Difference
  21. Constructing Kurdish Civil Society
  22. Why Charity Organizations?
  23. Exogenous Shocks: Increasing Poverty and the Emergence of Kurdish Slums
  24. Constructing Competition through Resemblance: The Charity Initiatives
  25. Religious Public Symbolism: Hizbullah Finds Its Niche
  26. Civic Activism and Conflict Transformation
  27. 6. Going Native
  28. Contesting Kurdish Islam
  29. Revolutionary Ideology as a Discursive Process
  30. The Kurdish Ethno-Nationalist Movement, Islamic Identity, and Symbolic Localization
  31. Symbolic Localization and Conflict Transformation
  32. Islamic Activists Discover Kurdish
  33. Increasing Competition over Kurdish Language
  34. Hizbullah: From Ayatollah Khomeini to Said Nursi
  35. 8. Enemies of the "Deep State."
  36. Narrative Contests and Symbolic Localization
  37. The "Deep State" and Kurds
  38. The Rival Movements and Competing Narratives on Ergenekon
  39. The PKK: "The State wants to sweep its filth under the carpet!"
  40. Hizbullah: "We're the Victims of the Deep State!"
  41. Narratives in Conflict Transformation: Reputation Work and Symbolic Localization
  42. 9. Conclusion
  43. Strategic Engagement and Conflict Transformation
  44. Global Dynamics and Pro-Ethnic Strategies
  45. Toward a Multi-Institutional Politics Perspective
  46. A Kurdish Spring on the Horizon?
  47. List of Abbreviations
  48. References
  49. Appendix: Data and Methods
  50. Index.