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A cyberworm that knows no boundaries

A cyberworm that knows no boundaries

Porche, Isaac, 1968-; McKay, Shawn; Sollinger, Jerry M

Stuxnet-like worms and other sophisticated, virulent malware pose a serious threat to critical U.S. infrastructure and computer networks. However, defending against such attacks involves complex technological and legal issues

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Published Santa Monica : RAND Corp 2011

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Statement of responsibility: Isaac R. Porche III, Jerry M. Sollinger, Shawn McKay
ISBN: 0833059807, 9780833059802
Note: Print version record.
Note: Includes bibliographical references.
Note: "Prepared for the Office of the Secretary of Defense."
Physical Description: 1 online resource (54 pages) : illustrations.
Series: Occasional paper ; OP-342-OSD
Subject: Cyberinfrastructure Security measures.; COMPUTERS Security Viruses.; Computer networks Security measures.; Cyberspace Security measures.; COMPUTERS Internet Security.; COMPUTERS Security General.; Computer viruses.; COMPUTERS Networking Security.
Series Title: Occasional paper (Rand Corporation) ; OP-342-OSD.
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  1. Cover
  2. Copyright
  3. Preface
  4. Contents
  5. Figures and Tables
  6. Figures
  7. A.1. Cyberspace Today
  8. A.2. Cyberspace and Social Networking
  9. B.1. Conficker Worm Progression
  10. Tables
  11. 1. Selected Relevant U.S. Organizational Initiatives, Laws, and Reviews
  12. 2. Organizational Strengths and Weaknesses of Federal Agencies in Defending U.S. Cyberspace Infrastructure
  13. 3. Examples of Proposed Legislation Regarding the Assignment of Federal Roles in Cyberspace
  14. D.1. Federal Cyber Legislation
  15. Summary
  16. Acknowledgments
  17. Abbreviations
  18. A Cyberworm That Knows No Boundaries
  19. The Difficulty of Defending Cyberspace.
  20. How to Identify an AttackWhat Was Needed to Carry Out the Attack
  21. The Implications of Stuxnet and Similar Worms
  22. Implications of the Success of Stuxnet
  23. What Is Needed to Defend Against Stuxnet and Similar Worms
  24. How Organizational Boundaries Hinder Efforts to Mount an Effective Defence
  25. Intragovernmental Limitations
  26. Intersectional Limitations
  27. Conclusions
  28. The Threat of and Opportunity for Real Damage from Cyberspace Is Increasing
  29. Not All Attacks Can Be Prevented
  30. The Best Defense Includes an Offense
  31. Current Organizational Boundaries Hinder Identification and Mitigation
  32. Recommendations.
  33. Future WorkAppendixes
  34. Appendix A: The Cyberspace Domain
  35. Appendix B: Worms
  36. Appendix C: Einstein Intrusion Detection and Protection
  37. Appendix D: Federal Cyber Legislation
  38. Bibliography.