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From election to coup in Fiji: the 2006 campaign and its aftermath

From election to coup in Fiji: the 2006 campaign and its aftermath

Fraenkel, Jonathon; Firth, Stewart, 1944-

eBook, Electronic resource, Book. English. History. Electronic books.
Published Canberra : ANU E Press 2007

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Statement of responsibility: editors Stewart Firth, Jon Fraenkel
ISBN: 1921313366, 9781921313363
Physical Description: 1 online resource.
Subject: Fiji Politics and government 21st century.; Elections.; Fiji History 21st century.; Fiji. Parliament.; Fiji. Parliament Elections, 2006.; Politics and government; Fiji.; POLITICAL SCIENCE Political Process Elections.
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  1. Fiji's perpetual legitimacy crisis /Stewart Firth and Jon Fraenkel
  2. A note on the Fiji electoral system /Jon Fraenkel
  3. Introduction.
  4. Changing calculus and shifting visions /Stewart Firth and Jon Fraenkel
  5. The campaign.
  6. Chance hai: from the campaign trail /Brij V. Lal
  7. The pre-election 'cold war': the role of the Fiji military during the 2006 election /Steven Ratuva
  8. Songs in sheds: some thoughts on the sociology of Fiji elections /Paul Geraghty
  9. Election observation missions to the 2006 Fiji election /Graham Hassall and Jeannette Bolenga
  10. The major parties.
  11. The cycles of party politics /Jon Fraenkel and Stewart Firth
  12. Defending the inheritance: The SDL and the 2006 election /Alumita Durutalo
  13. The strategic impasse: Mahendra Chaudhry and the Fiji Labour Party /Samisoni Pareti and Jon Fraenkel
  14. The failure of the moderates /The Yellow Bucket Team
  15. Issues.
  16. The impact of the Promotion of Reconciliation, Tolerance and Unity Bill on the 2006 election /Mosmi Bhim
  17. Reflections on the economic and social policies of political parties at the 2006 election /Biman Chand Prasad
  18. Broken promises: women and the 2006 Fiji election /Rae Nicholl
  19. The media and the spectre of the 2000 coup /Michael Field
  20. Case studies.
  21. From marginalization to mainstream? Rotuma and the 2006 election /Kylie Jayne Anderson
  22. Tailevu North: five years down the line /Anare Tuitoga
  23. Bose ni Vanua and democratic politics in Rewa /Baro Saumaki
  24. Whatever happened to Western separatism? /Apolosi Bose and Jon Fraenkel
  25. The 'Generals' -- where to now? /The Yellow Bucket Team
  26. Analysis.
  27. Elections and nation-building: the long road since 1970 /Robbie Robertson
  28. Indigenous title disputes: what they meant for the 2006 election /Morgan Tuimaleali'ifano
  29. Bipolar realignment under the alternative vote system: an analysis of the 2006 electoral data /Jon Fraenkel
  30. Fiji's electoral boundaries and malapportionment /Kesaia Seniloli /The role of the Assembly of Christian Churches in Fiji in the 2006 election /Lynda Newland
  31. The role of Hindu and Muslim organizations during the 2006 election /Jonathon Prasad
  32. Perspectives.
  33. Fiji's system of elections and government: where to from here? /Laisenia Qarase
  34. Tainted elections /Mahendra Chaudhry
  35. A view from the Electoral CommissionvGraham Leung
  36. Multiparty cabinet and power-sharing: lessons from elsewhere /Jon Fraenkel
  37. Women and minority interests in Fiji's alternative vote electoral systemvSuliana Siwatibau
  38. The case for reform of the electoral system in Fiji /Rev. David G. Arms
  39. 31 An election retrospective /Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi
  40. Epilogue

    1. Understanding Fiji's political paradox /Robert Norton
  41. Addendum.

    1. The Fiji coup of December 2006 -- who, what, where and why? /Jon Fraenkel
    2. Appendix 1.
    3. Multiparty government in Fiji: a timeline, 1997-2006 /Piccolo Willoughby
    4. Appendix 2.
    5. 2006 election results.