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Stock Comments

We would like to hear what stock you would like to see in Lincolnshire Libraries. Please send your comments to with the subject heading 'Stock Comments'.

We do not guarantee to buy all items suggested by members of the public. Stock selection is subject to the following criteria.


  • Price (including availability & discount available from our book supplier).
  • Availability in the UK (including UK publishing rights), this may exclude some titles available from online bookshops e.g. Amazon.
  • Physical quality of the book, is it suitable for multiple issues e.g. we will decline to purchase novelty books, workbooks etc.
  • Publication date & currency.
  • Anticipated demand from other customers; including existing subject coverage in our libraries where applicable.
  • Reputation of author and/or publisher.
  • Available book fund.

Suggestions from Authors, Publishers or Organisations

If you wish to suggest we purchase your publications or wish to offer to donate your publications, please email us with details and where your book(s) are available to purchase.
Due to the number of stock suggestions we receive we will only reply if we require further information.

Please note: Any books sent to us will be treated as a donation and we will dispose of items as we see fit (please see our “Donations” page for further information).