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  1. Julia Donaldson

    Julia Donaldson added 7th July 2019

  2. And #50leedsreads

    And #50leedsreads added 30th June 2019

    You'd think I'd have spotted this before July wouldn't you . Ah well :)

  3. MTLibrarianLeedsReads50

    MTLibrarianLeedsReads50 added 27th February 2019

  4. Empowering Women

    Empowering Women added 19th February 2019

    A book list of inspirational female role models across all levels of literature/science/digital/tech to celebrate IWD19

  5. 2019 Reads

    2019 Reads added 11th February 2019

    I am trying to read 50 books in 2019, as challenged by #50LeedsReads. This is my record of what I have read so far. I will add to it as I finish the books.

  6. My 50 Leeds Reads

    My 50 Leeds Reads added 7th February 2019

  7. LGBT

    LGBT added 30th January 2019

    In honour of LGBT+ History month here is a list of books that would make excellent additions to your reading pile. There's plenty to get stuck into here, whether it be adult fiction, teen or children s fiction or non-fiction you are after.

  8. 50LeedsReads Staff Suggestions

    50LeedsReads Staff Suggestions added 28th December 2018

    Want some inspiration for your 50 Reads? Here's a list of books that our staff have enjoyed to get you started. There should be something for everybody here. Why not create your own list?

  9. Series: The Beast Arises

    Series: The Beast Arises added 28th November 2018

    An ork invasion of unparalleled scale throws the Imperium into disarray. As worlds burn and renowned Space Marine Chapters are destroyed, can the Imperium pull together to defeat the Beast?

  10. ysp fc

    ysp fc added 5th February 2018

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