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The Altar: A Novel of Horror

The Altar: A Novel of Horror

Anderson, James Arthur author

Science fiction writer Erik Hunter soon finds himself the target of a near-immortal horror that feeds on human suffering. In order to save his family and his town, he must make the harrowing trip into the underworld of another reality, one filled with pain and terror--and there make the ultimate sacrifice to facilitate the return of his imperiled wife and young children to the "real" world. But even giving up his life and soul may not be enough to keep an evil spirit from escaping its natural home, and returning to earth to destroy and infect the world. A novel of unremitting horror that will keep you perched on the edge of your seat!

eBook, Book.
Published Wildside Press, 2005
Copies: 1, Available: 1
Available as: eBook


ISBN: 9781434448026
Subject: Horror