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Time for Murder: Macabre Crime Stories

Time for Murder: Macabre Crime Stories

Bounds, Sydney J. author

When Chalmers decides to attend one of Dr. Lanson's nightly séances, it's not because he has any belief in the occult, but simply to find somewhere warm to rest his weary feet. It's a decision he soon regrets. First, a luminous cloud forms in the air over the heads of the assembled people. A strange voice speaks, warning that someone in the room is about to die to prevent him from revealing secrets. The man sitting next to him leaps to his feet, yelling his defiance--and then the lights are extinguished. As the man's voice is cut off, a girl's ear-piercing shriek reverberates...and Terror Stalks the Séance Room! Just one of eleven exciting macabre crime short stories by a master of the form!

eBook, Book.
Published Wildside Press, 2009
Copies: 1, Available: 1
Available as: eBook


ISBN: 9781434447487
Series: Wildside Mystery Double - Book 11
Subject: Horror