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Barker, Clive author

On a mountain peak, high above the city of Everville, a door stands open onto the shores of the dream-sea Quiddity. And there’s not a soul below who’ll not be changed by that fact… Phoboe Cobb, once a doctor’s receptionist, is about to forget her old life and go looking for her lost lover Joe Flicker in the strange, sensual wonderland on the other side of that door. Tesla Bombeck, who knows what horrors lurk on the far side of Quiddity, must solve the mysteries of the city’s past if she is to keep those horrors from crossing the threshold. Harry D’Amour, who has traced the ultimate evil across America, will find it conjuring atrocities in the sunlit streets of Everville

eBook, Book.
Published HarperCollins, 2007
Copies: 1, Available: 1
Available as: eBook


ISBN: 9780007378203
Series: Book of the Art - Book 2
Subject: Horror; Fantasy Fiction; Supernatural Fiction