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Lists tagged with 'wellbeing'

  1. Autumn - books for adults

    Autumn - books for adults added 19th September

    Things to do, see, make and eat in Autumn.

  2. Reading Well for mental health
  3. Books on Prescription

    Books on Prescription added 13th February

    Self-help books for adults experiencing common mental health conditions, including depression and anxiety.

  4. Savick Library`s non-fiction favourites

    Savick Library`s non-fiction favourites added 3rd January

    This year our 50 books list will focus on non-fiction. It will include recommendations from our borrowers, reflect the interests of the Savick Library team and, link to Lancashire health campaigns, digital learning and historic events.

  5. Beat Stress

    Beat Stress added 24th October 2017

    This list of books may help you handle stress and feel good about yourself. Search #Read4Health on Twitter for more info.

  6. Reading Well for long term conditions

    Reading Well for long term conditions added 26th June 2017

    This scheme offers people living with long term conditions and their carers high-quality book based information, support and advice on a range of conditions. It covers conditions such as diabetes, stroke and heart disease, as well as common symptoms such as fatigue, pain, wellbeing and sleep problems. Search #Read4Health on twitter for more info.

  7. Reading for Health full list

    Reading for Health full list added 10th March 2017

    A list of books chosen by health professionals to help you manage your own and your family's health and wellbeing. Search #Read4Health on Twitter for more info.

  8. Keeping Fit and Healthy

    Keeping Fit and Healthy added 6th March 2017

    Books and resources to help on managing stress levels, eating well and exercising for physical health, and mood boosting titles for positive mental health. Search #Read4Health on Twitter for more info.

  9. Shelf Help List

    Shelf Help List added 20th April 2016

    Shelf Help is a list of books chosen by young people and health experts to help with difficult feelings and experiences that can affect a young person's wellbeing.

  10. Books on Prescription for Dementia

    Books on Prescription for Dementia added 10th February 2015

    Our latest Reading Well 'Books on Prescription' scheme is to support people with dementia and their carers. The existing Reading Well 'Books on Prescription' programme, which already helps over 275,000 people with common mental health conditions feel better through self-help reading. The 25 titles on the booklist, which are available in libraries across Lancashire, have been recommended by health experts and people with lived experience of dementia. Search #Read4Health on Twitter for more info. The books are divided into four categories - Personal stories - Support for relatives and carers - Living well with dementia - Information and advice - and are listed here in that order

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