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  1. British Library crime classics
  2. Skelmersdale Library Cate's Saturday Club Great Reads

    Skelmersdale Library Cate's Saturday Club Great Reads added 7th October 2019

    Cate's recommended reading for Lancashire 50 Books Challenge 2019

  3. Skelmersdale Library: Thrillers and Chillers, Lancashire 50 Book Challenge 2019
  4. Banned eBooks

    Banned eBooks added 19th September 2019

    Did you know that Stalin banned "1984" in Russia as he understood it to be a parody of his leadership!? More recently, some schools in America banned "The Fault in our Stars" because of its morbid plot and crude language! Both are now available as eBooks!

  5. Banned YA Fiction

    Banned YA Fiction added 19th September 2019

    Celebrate Radical Reading and Rebellious Writers this Banned Books week! Did you know that both "Looking for Alaska" and "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" were both banned for their depiction of drug and alcohol use?

  6. Banned in the UK

    Banned in the UK added 19th September 2019

    Although the UK hasn't been as quick to ban books as other countries, there are still books that have been banned by the government. Peter Wright's "Spycatcher" was banned before it was even published for revealing state secrets, whereas "Lolita" by Vladmir Nabokov was banned for being obscene!

  7. Banned Books

    Banned Books added 19th September 2019

    It's hard to believe it, but did you know that classic books like Harry Potter and Animal Farm have been banned by schools and libraries? To Kill a Mockingbird and Of Mice and Men were both banned for racist content.

  8. Coal Clough Thrillers and Chillers

    Coal Clough Thrillers and Chillers added 5th September 2019

    Coal Clough readers recommend books to read with the light on!

  9. Thrillers and Chillers

    Thrillers and Chillers added 30th August 2019

    Recommendations from library staff for books to read or listen to with the light on! Share your favourites with us on Twitter and Facebook #Lancs50Books

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