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  1. 50 Book Challenge 2018
  2. Savick Library`s non-fiction favourites

    Savick Library`s non-fiction favourites added 3rd January

    This year our 50 books list will focus on non-fiction. It will include recommendations from our borrowers, reflect the interests of the Savick Library team and, link to Lancashire health campaigns, digital learning and historic events.

  3. The Mozart Appreciation Society
  4. 50 books 2018
  5. Burnley Campus 50 Book Challenge 2018
  6. Deborah 2018 50 books

    Deborah 2018 50 books added 3rd January

    2018's 50 books challenge

  7. Brierfield Library's 50 Book Challenge 2018

    Brierfield Library's 50 Book Challenge 2018 added 29th December 2017

    Brierfield Library's List of reviewed books for the 50 Book Challenge for 2018

  8. Aileen's #Lancs50books 2018
  9. Bolton-le-Sands Lancs 50 Books 2018
  10. Clitheroe Library's 50 Book Challenge 2018

    Clitheroe Library's 50 Book Challenge 2018 added 23rd December 2017

    In 2017, Clitheroe library got 114 books on our 50 Book Challenge list! This year we are going to try for even more. Join in by reading and sharing your thoughts on all the books you read or listen to in 2018. The theme for this Winter is 'Try Something New'. If you've loved something you've read or listened to, tell one of the friendly staff at Clitheroe library, we would love to hear your views. You can also follow and share on Twitter using the hashtag #Lancs50books or follow the Lancashire libraries account on Facebook.

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