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  1. Lancs 50 books Ribbleton Library 2018

    Lancs 50 books Ribbleton Library 2018 added 12th March

    Lancashire 50 books challenge for 2018 particularly focusing on Thrillers, Sci-Fi, Non-Fiction, Young Adult, Poetry, Historical, Prizewinners and Music genres, with reviews and recommendations.

  2. 50 Books 2018 - NELSON LIBRARY
  3. Jades - 50 Books 2018
  4. SJC's 50 Book Challenge

    SJC's 50 Book Challenge added 8th November 2017

    Library Assistant. This is a list of books I've read recently and really liked. I love the classics, science fiction, fantasy, historical fiction and everything to do with Ancient Greece or mythology :)

  5. Savick Library 50 books 2017
  6. Lancs 50 books Ribbleton Library

    Lancs 50 books Ribbleton Library added 4th August 2017

    Ribbleton Library are aiming to read 50 books for the Lancashire 50 book challenge. Look out for our reviews and ratings.

  7. 50 Books 2017

    50 Books 2017 added 23rd March 2017

    Hello, I am a member of library staff and I am sharing 50 books that I have read to my kids in 2017... hope you like them!

  8. Fantastic Book Awards Winners 2016
  9. Women's Fiction Prize Longlist 2016

    Women's Fiction Prize Longlist 2016 added 11th March 2016

    Longlisted books for the Baileys Women's Fiction Prize 2016

  10. Fantastic Book Awards 2015-16

    Fantastic Book Awards 2015-16 added 10th September 2015

    The Best Books for children aged 9-11... Thirty exciting reads but only 5 books may win these awards! Children aged 9-11 from primary schools around Lancashire are busy reading from this long list, from which the winning 5 titles will be selected and announced on Wednesday 18th May 2016. Why not join in with the reading and give your favourite a rating.

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