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Lancashire Book of the year 2020 eAudiobooks added 5th November 2019

Lancashire Book of the Year is the longest running young people's regional book award in the country and it remains one of the few book awards in which young people themselves are solely responsible for choosing both the shortlist and the overall winning book. The winner will be announced in July. Read one (or all of them) - give a star rating - write a review. Follow @lancspublib #LBOY2020 on Twitter. Follow @lancslibraries on Facebook

  1. All the Invisible Things

    All the Invisible Things

    Collins, Orlagh
    Published : Bolinda/Audible audio 2005 ISBN : 9780655621515
  2. Toffee


    Crossan, Sarah
    Published : Bolinda/Audible audio 2002 ISBN : 9780655642985
  3. All Eyes on Us

    All Eyes on Us

    Frick, Kit
    Published : Blackstone Publishing 2001 ISBN : 9781094006178
  4. And The Ocean Was Our Sky

    And The Ocean Was Our Sky

    Ness, Patrick
    Published : Bolinda audio 2000 ISBN : 9781489492050
  5. This Lie Will Kill You

    This Lie Will Kill You

    Pitcher, Chelsea
    Published : Bolinda audio 2003 ISBN : 9780655666561
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