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Clitheroe Library's 50 Book Challenge 2019 added 5th January

This is Clitheroe Library's BRAND NEW- Whoohoo!- 50 Book Challenge 2019 list! This year's list is going to be full of exciting new books we've read and recommended, so stay tuned as our lovely list updates. As always, please feel free to tell us friendly people at Clitheroe library your thoughts, we are happy to hear them! You can also follow @lancspublib and share on Twitter using the hashtag #Lancs50books or follow Lancashire libraries on Facebook.

  1. Runemarks


    Harris, Joanne
    Published : Black Swan London 2012 ISBN : 0552778982 9780552778985
    No. 1
    5/5 - An Amazing Adventure
    I would like to add this book to the mood boosting list. It is a good fantasy based on Norse mythology and fills you with adventure and epic journeys (all the way to Hel and back) alongside Maddy and the remnants of the Norse gods.
  2. Art matters

    Art matters

    Gaiman, Neil, Riddell, Chris,
    Published : Headline London 2018 ISBN : 1472260082 9781472260086
    No. 2
    5/5 - Poignant message with gorgeous illustrations
  3. The truth pixie

    The truth pixie

    Haig, Matt Mould, Chris,
    Published : Canongate Edinburgh 2018 ISBN : 1786894327 9781786894328
    No. 3
    5/5 - A Feel Good Read
    A beautiful story with a lovely message and on the whole a great uplifting tale to start the year on. Again with gorgeous illustrations!
  4. Street Cat Bob: how one man and a cat saved each other's lives: a true story

    Street Cat Bob: how one man and a cat saved each other's lives: a true story

    Bowen, James
    Published : Hodder & Stoughton London 2015 ISBN : 1473606470 9781473606470
    No. 4
    4/5 - A lovely story
    This is such a heartfelt little tale of friendship that made me smile. It's a quick read and is such a sweet story that just goes to show how much help even the most unusual of friends can have.
  5. The disappearing diva

    The disappearing diva

    Todd Taylor, Sarah, Kinnear, Nicola,
    Published : Nosy Crow London 2018 ISBN : 9781788000352 1788000358
    No. 5
    5/5 - Easy to Read
    It was a bit slow at the beginning but I did really enjoy it (even if it was easy to work out the mystery). It's one of the most entertaining new books I've read this year. I wonder how the second book will hold up.
  6. The furthest station

    The furthest station

    Aaronovitch, Ben
    Published : Gollancz London 2018 ISBN : 1473222435 9781473222434
    No. 6
    5/5 - An interesting short story
    I really liked this book. It has it all - ghosts, a mystery, magic and a wonderful cast of characters. If you like this book I highly recommend the Rivers of London series too. It is very good.
  7. Watch me

    Watch me

    Clarke, Angela (Columnist),
    Published : Avon London 2017 ISBN : 9780008174613 000817461X
    No. 7
    5/5 - I couldn't put it down
    I found this book by accident and I didn't know there were other ones, but I loved it so much I will be on the search for other books by Angela Clarke now. I think she's brilliant.
  8. Fated


    Jacka, Benedict.
    Published : Orbit London 2012 ISBN : 9780356500249 0748124918 0356500241 9780748124916
    No. 8
    4/5 - An interesting view of magic
    I discovered this one whilst looking for an urban fantasy set in Britain. It was quite fun, a little slower than I felt it was going to be but I have ordered the next one.
  9. Time's convert

    Time's convert

    Harkness, Deborah E.
    Published : Headline London 2017 ISBN : 1472237331 9781472237330
    4/5 - Not as fast paced as A Discovery of Witches but a lovely way to delve into a characters backstory.
  10. The enormous crocodile

    The enormous crocodile

    Dahl, Roald, Blake, Quentin,
    Published : Puffin UK 2016 ISBN : 9780141369303 0141369302
    No. 10
    5/5 - Classic Dahl
    I just reread this as a quick read when the Roald Dahl exhibit came to Clitheroe. I had forgotten how silly and funny it was (I hadn't read it since I was a child) and is always a good book to start younger children on the dark but childish humour of Roald Dahl.
  11. A complete guide to fairies & magical beings

    A complete guide to fairies & magical beings

    Eason, Cassandra.
    Published : Piatkus London 2011 ISBN : 074995499X 9780749954994
    No. 11
    4/5 - Magical
    A pretty interesting book examining the legends of magical creatures and exploring evidence as to whether or not they exist. I find it a little biased but it was a very good read all the same.
  12. Skinner's ordeal

    Skinner's ordeal

    Jardine, Quintin, Bryce, James,
    Published : ISIS Soundings Oxford 2013 ISBN : 9781445025834 1445025833
    No. 12
    5/5 - A Pleasant Surprise
    I picked this up on a whim and thought I wasn't going to like it that much. I have never been so glad to have been wrong. I really loved it and I would really love to read more of this author. It was just very engrossing.
  13. The iron king

    The iron king

    Kagawa, Julie.
    Published : Mira Richmond 2011 ISBN : 9780778304340 0778304345
    No. 13
    5/5 - An Original Idea
    I know that the idea of "Scary Fairies" is quite popular nowadays, but this was an original idea I quite liked. This story is the first in a series called "The Iron Fey" and is about Meghan Chase, a girl who finds her brother kidnapped by fairies and goes to rescue him. It is well written and I really enjoyed it. I would love to read the rest and see more of the new and interesting Iron Fey.
  14. Mad love

    Mad love

    Dini, Paul, Cadigan, Pat Timm, Bruce,
    Published : Titan Books London 2018 ISBN : 1785658131 9781785658136
    No. 14
    3/5- An interesting read
    This book started out really intriguing. I thought it was going to explain how Dr Harleen Quinzel fell in love with the Joker through the therapy sessions and why she ended up turning to crime as Harley Quinn. In this book, it just kind of happens. Harley is manipulated by the Joker and she has a warped view on the world but her feelings aren't actually explained. Other than that, it had lots of exciting moments and there were a few times I didn't want to put the book down. Would recommend!
  15. A hat full of sky

    A hat full of sky

    Pratchett, Terry.
    Published : ISIS Oxford 2011 ISBN : 9780753187661 0753187663 9780753187678 0753187671
    No. 15
    5/5 - Discworld for the younger readers
    I really like the Tiffany Aching books as they seem to me to be a lot easier and fun to read than some of the other Discworld books. She is my new favourite character and I would like now to read the other books including "Wee Free Men" (which I believe is the first one).
  16. Mort


    Pratchett, Terry.
    Published : Corgi London 2012 ISBN : 9780552166621 0552166626
    No. 16
    5/5 - As Hilarious as Death could be
    I suppose this is one of the few times that you can call a book that it is almost exclusively about Death funny, but it is (and brilliantly so). It is worth a read for anyone who likes fantasy tropes and a good laugh.
  17. A presumption of death

    A presumption of death

    Paton Walsh, Jill Sayers, Dorothy L. (Dorothy Leigh), 1893-1957,
    Published : Hodder London 2014 ISBN : 1444792911 9781444792911
    No. 17
    4/5 - A Good Continuation
    I only recently found that my favourite Dorothy Sayers books had a series that continued to write about Lord Peter. I do like Lord Peter and he really cheers me up. Besides, I do like my gentle crime.
  18. Elizabeth's sea dogs: how the English became the scourge of the seas

    Elizabeth's sea dogs: how the English became the scourge of the seas

    Bicheno, Hugh,
    Published : Conway London 2013 ISBN : 1844862143 9781844862146
    No. 18
    4/5 - A Good Historical Read
    I like reading about the politics of Elizabeth I's reign, especially espionage or spy-work. This isn't really either but I picked this book on a whim and really liked it. The history of this era really entertains and educates me.
  19. Am I normal yet?

    Am I normal yet?

    Bourne, Holly,
    Published : Usborne London 2015 ISBN : 1409590305 9781409590309
    No. 19
    5/5 - An Easy and Yet Fascinating Read
    I like to read young adult books as I find them less of a chore to read. I really enjoyed this book because it gave me a lot of insight into mental illness that I had never really thought about before. I will try and read some similar books to this.
  20. The snow rose

    The snow rose

    Taylor, Lulu,
    Published : Pan Books London 2016 ISBN : 1447290984 9781447290988
    No. 20
    5/5 - A Very Good Book
    I really enjoyed this book. It was quick and easy to read and thoroughly enjoyable. I couldn't put it down.
  21. Spy toys

    Spy toys

    Powers, Mark, Wesson, Tim,
    Published : Bloomsbury London 2017 ISBN : 9781408870860 140887086X
    No. 21
    5/5 - Fun and Funny
    It was a really different story and I loved it. I wish toys like Dan were really real. They sound like so much fun!
  22. I'll be gone in the dark: one woman's obsessive search for the Golden State Killer

    I'll be gone in the dark: one woman's obsessive search for the Golden State Killer

    McNamara, Michelle, 1970-2016,
    Published : Faber & Faber London 2018 ISBN : 9780571345144 057134514X
    No. 22
    5/5 - An Amazing Read
    I would recommend this book to anyone. It wasn't the easiest book to read but I enjoyed it from beginning to end. I hope lots of people enjoy this book as much as I have. I bet there will be a film about it soon.
  23. Bob: no ordinary cat

    Bob: no ordinary cat

    Bowen, James
    Published : Hodder London 2013 ISBN : 9781444764901 9781444764925 144476490X 1444764926
    No. 23
    4/5 - My son loved this book
    I was worried at first that this book would be a bit long for my son, but it was a wonderful book to sit with him and read a chapter every night. I am so glad I took it out. All the books about Bob are incredibly sweet.
  24. TimeRiders


    Scarrow, Alex.
    Published : Puffin London 2010 ISBN : 9780141326924 0141326921
    No. 24
    5/5 - Fast-paced and gripping
    I loved this story. I could not put it down. The Time Travel angle has been one that has been done to death lately but I really did love this story and the various little bits of time travel information and the characters were incredibly fun and interesting (I especially liked Liam). I would love to read more of them.
  25. Vampire handbook: an essential guide to vampires

    Vampire handbook: an essential guide to vampires

    Curran, Robert.
    Published : A. & C. Black London 2010 ISBN : 140813036X 9781408130360
    No. 25
    5/5 - I learnt a lot of new things
    There are plenty of things that this book will teach you about vampires that you never knew. There are lots of different vampire stories and types of vampire from all over the world and they are really fascinating. It is not just the Romanian vampires that we have become so familiar with in the last few hundred years.
  26. A winter beneath the stars

    A winter beneath the stars

    Thomas, Jo (Journalist),
    Published : Headline Review London 2018 ISBN : 9781472250131 1472250133
    No. 26
    5/5 - A Lovely Read
    An easy read and a lovely read. This book was such a feel-good story, it made me warm and happy inside.
  27. The last lie

    The last lie

    Lake, Alex, Kirman, Laura,
    Published : Jammer Audiobooks Rearsby 2019 ISBN : 9780008315313 0008315310
    No. 27
    5/5 - Gripping
    This book wouldn't let me put it down and has a superb twist that I won't spoil. I just recommend that you read this.
  28. The Eyre affair

    The Eyre affair

    Fforde, Jasper. Kruger, Gabrielle.
    Published : Isis Audio Books 2002 ISBN : 9780753116555 0753116553
    No. 28
    4/5 - A Unique Concept
    Although slow at first I really got very into this story. I really liked the unique concept of the world in which it was set and it really made me smile. Anyone who likes Jane Eyre needs to give this one a read.
  29. The flower girls

    The flower girls

    Clark-Platts, Alice Fox, Emilia
    Published : Bolinda Audio Melbourne 2019 ISBN : 9781489486363 1489486364
    No. 29
    5/5 - A gripping Read
    A thoroughly gripping read that was still nice and easy. I enjoyed the quick fire action and I absolutely loved it.
  30. The anarch

    The anarch

    Abnett, Dan,
    Published : Games Workshop Nottingham 2019 ISBN : 9781784968519 178496851X
    No. 30
    5/5 - Absolutely Amazing
    I really hope that there is going to be another book. This book was so good I was really disappointed it ended (in a good way). It was amazing!
  31. Relics


    Lebbon, Tim,
    Published : Titan Books London 2017 ISBN : 1785650300 9781785650307
    No. 31
    4/5 - Good but Very Bloody
    An interesting story but I will warn other readers that it is very violent and gory in places, so if you do not like that sort of thing, do not read. However if you don't mind it, give this one a read. It is both interesting as a crime book and a fantasy book.
  32. How to be a young #writer

    How to be a young #writer

    Edge, Christopher, Mulholland, Pádhraic,
    Published : Oxford University Press Oxford 2017 ISBN : 0198376480 9780198376484
    No. 32
    5/5 - Not just for young people
    Even though this book is aimed at a teenage audience I think that this is still a must-read for any budding author of any age. It gives you lots of information, not only about writing, but also about promotions and other things a writer would need to know.
  33. Ripley's believe it or not! 2017

    Ripley's believe it or not! 2017

    Tibballs, Geoff, Ripley, Robert L. (Robert LeRoy), 1890-1949,
    Published : Random House London 2016 ISBN : 1847947883 9781847947888
    No. 33
    3/5 - Just as weird as promised
    It did absolutely fascinate me. I took this book out on a whim. There are a lot of incredibly strange things in here but honestly, some can turn stomachs.
  34. Dead man's embers

    Dead man's embers

    Strachan, Mari.
    Published : Canongate Edinburgh 2012 ISBN : 1847675328 9781847675323
    No. 34
    3/5 - Very emotional
    Not quite my cup of tea but I can understand why someone would like it. It's quite emotional.
  35. Milk glass moon

    Milk glass moon

    Trigiani, Adriana. Forbes, Kate.
    Published : Clipper Audio 2005 ISBN : 1845055977 9781845055974
    No. 35
    3/5 - Read the other two first
    Quite a sweet little story but I felt as though I had missed out on a few other stories by not reading the first two. I will give those a read and then try this one again...
  36. Knighthood for beginners

    Knighthood for beginners

    Dolan, Elys,
    Published : Oxford University Press Oxford 2017 ISBN : 0192746022 9780192746023
    No. 36
    5/5 - Funny and Crazy
    My favourite book so far this year. Albrecht was my favourite character and he really makes me laugh. I'm now off to read "Wizardry for Beginners".
  37. Die trying

    Die trying

    Child, Lee. Harding, Jeff.
    Published : Bolinda audio [Melbourne, Vic.] 2018 ISBN : 1489428674 9781489428677
    No. 37
    4/5 - A Great Book
    I'm really getting into these Jack Reacher books. It is just a shame that there aren't enough copies circulating and everyone can read or listen to it.
  38. The paying guests

    The paying guests

    Waters, Sarah
    Published : Virago London 2015 ISBN : 0349004609 9780349004600
    No. 38
    5/5 - Very Well Written
    I really really enjoyed this book. I decided to read it after "Tipping the Velvet" and I enjoyed this one even more. It has so much going for it: romance, thrilling plot, interesting characters. It is a bit raunchy though, so if you don't like that, give it a miss. Everyone else, really really read this.
  39. The passage

    The passage

    Cronin, Justin.
    Published : Orion London 2010 ISBN : 9780752897844 0752897845
    No. 39
    5/5 - Highly Recommend
    I highly recommend this book. It may have been long but I could not put it down. It is so imaginative and thrilling and I was so drawn into the world. It does leave a lot of unanswered questions however, but I assume they are answered in the follow-up books. I will definitely be reading them.
  40. Sourcery


    Pratchett, Terry.
    Published : Corgi London 2012 ISBN : 0552166634 9780552166638
    No. 40
    5/5 - No... the spelling is correct
    The fifth book in the series and third book of incompetent wizard Rincewind and his increasingly desperate attempts to stay alive in the Discworld. This one focuses on the differing magic of the booksmart wizards and the last sourcerer on the Disc, a ten year old boy with godlike powers. Hilarity will always ensue when Terry Pratchett is involved.
  41. The way of Wyrd: tales of an Anglo-Saxon sorcerer

    The way of Wyrd: tales of an Anglo-Saxon sorcerer

    BATES, Brian.
    Published : Century 1984 ISBN : 0712604936 9780712604932
    No. 41
    5/5 - A Simple but Semi-Educational Story
    I did enjoy this story a lot. It was quick, easy to read, and had only a few characters to keep track of. If you want a nice short fantasy tale whilst learning about Anglo-Saxon pagan beliefs, then this is the book for you.
  42. The Falcon of Sparta

    The Falcon of Sparta

    Iggulden, Conn,
    Published : Michael Joseph UK 2018 ISBN : 0718181468 9780718181468
    No. 42
    5/5 - A Great Read
    I just wish there were another one of these. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Conn Iggulden is rather underrated and deserves more recognition for his historical stories.
  43. Dunstan


    Iggulden, Conn.
    Published : Isis Publishing Ltd (CD) 2017 ISBN : 1445066882 9781445066882
    No. 43
    5/5 - An Unexpected Pleasure
    I read a lot of the Roman books by Conn Iggulden and picked this one up out of curiosity. I can safely say I feel very well educated about Dunstan of Glastonbury now, and will happily recommend this book to those who enjoy historical fiction with political intrigue and bloody wars.
  44. The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

    The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

    Shaffer, Mary Ann, Barrows, Annie,
    Published : Bloomsbury London 2018 ISBN : 1408895994 9781408895993
    No. 44
    4/5 - I absolutely loved the film and was not disappointed by the book. Written in the format of letters means you get to the know the characters an entirely new way. Great plot, well thought-out characters and such a unique perspective on WW2.
  45. Wild women and their amazing adventures over land, sea and air

    Wild women and their amazing adventures over land, sea and air

    Frostrup, Mariella,
    Published : Head of Zeus London 2019 ISBN : 9781788540018 1788540018
    No. 45
    5/5 - An Amazing group of Stories
    I love travel writing and the number of these stories are really good and fun to read. It's a long book with lots of short writings but it is totally worth a read. I really enjoyed it and will be reading it over and over again. I wonder if any of these women have other books out. They are really good writers.
  46. The Attenbury emeralds

    The Attenbury emeralds

    Paton Walsh, Jill
    Published : Charnwood Leicester 2011 ISBN : 1444807595 9781444807592
    No. 46
    4/5 - Straight In
    I do like Lord Peter Wimsey a lot and I liked the fact that this book (not Dorothy Sayers but I do like this new lady) takes you straight into the story. I'll be honest, it's not exactly the same as Sayers' writing but I did like the story a lot so I will give it 4/5.
  47. Clash of eagles

    Clash of eagles

    Smale, Alan (Astronomer),
    Published : Titan Books London 2015 ISBN : 1783294027 9781783294022
    No. 47
    5/5 - An Interesting Concept
    A great and original idea of a very long-lived Roman Empire that came into contact with the Native Americans. Very well researched and incredibly interesting, I will be continuing to read this series.
  48. Thrones, dominations

    Thrones, dominations

    Sayers, Dorothy L. (Dorothy Leigh), 1893-1957, Paton Walsh, Jill
    Published : Hodder London 2014 ISBN : 9781444792959 1444792954
    No. 48
    5/5 - Glad to find another one
    I did not know that there had been an unfinished Dorothy Sayers book and I am glad to have now read it.
  49. Sunburn


    Lippman, Laura
    Published : Faber & Faber London 2018 ISBN : 9780571335664 0571335667
    No. 49
    5/5 - Very Good
    I really loved this book. It's not many books that will have a murder and the instructions of how to make a perfect cheese sandwich in one. I wonder if this author has done many other books, because if she has she has gained another fan.
  50. Days without end: a novel

    Days without end: a novel

    Barry, Sebastian
    Published : Faber & Faber London 2017 ISBN : 9780571340224 0571340229
    No. 50
    4/5 - Definitely a Mood Booster
    We read this for a reading group and all of us loved it. Although there are bits in it that were a bit violent for some, it was incredibly sweet and a wonderful feel-good story that I think everyone should read. Definitely a mood booster!
  51. Surgeons' hall

    Surgeons' hall

    Thomson, E. S.,
    Published : Constable London 2019 ISBN : 1472126610 9781472126610
    No. 51
    5/5 - What a Book!
    An amazing murder mystery! Very mysterious and kept me guessing right until the end.
  52. The late scholar

    The late scholar

    Paton Walsh, Jill Sayers, Dorothy L. (Dorothy Leigh), 1893-1957,
    Published : Hodder London 2014 ISBN : 1444760874 9781444760873
    No. 52
    5/5 - I've Really Been Enjoying These
    It's a little bit of a shame that I can't find any more of these books. I really enjoyed this one. It has all the classic appeal of Lord Peter despite not being written by Dorothy Sayers.
  53. Wolfsangel


    Lachlan, M. D.
    Published : Gollancz London 2011 ISBN : 9780575089600 0575089601
    No. 53
    5/5 - A Different Kind of Dark Fantasy
    I really liked this book. It was different from a lot of dark fantasies and I do love the Viking motif. It's a shame that it is very very dark as a story and feels like there is little in the way of positive emotion in it, but the story was intriguing. I may carry on reading the series if only to know what is happening.
  54. Forensics: the anatomy of crime

    Forensics: the anatomy of crime

    McDermid, Val, Wellcome Collection,
    Published : Profile Books London 2015 ISBN : 1781251703 9781781251706
    No. 54
    5/5 - Very Interesting
    There is a lot of work that goes into forensics, and a lot of different people with different jobs that work in it. Not only does this book explain that but also shows a number of real world cases where state of the art forensics helped to catch an otherwise uncatchable killer.
  55. Chinese takeaway cookbook: from chop suey to sweet 'n' sour, over 70 recipes to re-create your favourites

    Chinese takeaway cookbook: from chop suey to sweet 'n' sour, over 70 recipes to re-create your favourites

    Wan, Kwoklyn, Folan, Sam,
    Published : Quadrille London 2019 ISBN : 9781787133679 1787133672
    No. 55
    5/5 - A Dream Come True
    My daughter recommended this book to me and I am so glad she did. I am very partial to Chinese cooking and everything in this book makes it so simple and delicious. Anyone who likes Chinese food should at least give this a go. It is easier to make all your favourite foods than you think.
  56. Good omens

    Good omens

    Pratchett, Terry, Gaiman, Neil,
    Published : Gollancz London 2015 ISBN : 1473214718 9781473214712
    No. 56
    5/5 - Creative and Funny - as Befits the Authors
    I reread this book to be ready for the Amazon series coming out at the end of May and I had forgotten quite how funny and creative it was. Fans of fantasy really need to give this one a go. It really puts a smile on your face as you prepare for the Endtimes.
  57. The Children of Castle Rock: Main

    The Children of Castle Rock: Main

    Farrant, Natasha
    Published : Faber & Faber 2002 ISBN : 9780571323579
    No. 57
    5/5 - The Best Book I've Read This Year
    I was given this book for Trailblazers and I absolutely loved it. I loved the plot and the school and Fergus is so funny. I hope I can read more of this author. She's really good.
  58. Unnatural causes

    Unnatural causes

    Shepherd, Richard, DMJ,
    Published : Penguin Books UK 2019 ISBN : 9781405923538 1405923539
    No. 58
    3/5 - All Right
    The book was all right but I feel it may have been spoiled for me slightly by having read all the great reviews prior. It is a good book, but I am not sure that it is quite right for me.
  59. A god in ruins

    A god in ruins

    Atkinson, Kate,
    Published : Clipper Large Print Books Rearsby 2016 ISBN : 9781510023826 1510023828
    No. 59
    4/5 - Good Book but Beware the Ending
    I really did enjoy the book and the writing was amazing. I do thin the end let it down though. It left me feeling a little disappointed. I won't hold it against the story as a whole though. It was good on every other front.
  60. The Spook's apprentice

    The Spook's apprentice

    Delaney, Joseph Wyatt, David
    Published : Red Fox London 2014 ISBN : 9781782952459 1782952454
    No. 60
    5/5 - A Lancashire Classic
    I love this book series - a dark fantasy set in Lancashire (what's not to like) - and it has been my favourite book series since I was 14 and it first came out.
  61. Tripwire


    Child, Lee. Harding, Jeff.
    Published : Bolinda audio [Melbourne, Vic.] 2018 ISBN : 148943223X 9781489432230
    No. 61
    5/5 - Great Book
    I am working my way slowly through the Jack Reacher books and so far this one has been the most interesting. I do love this series and I am going to try and make my way all the way through.
  62. When I was a nipper: a personal journey through disappearing Britain

    When I was a nipper: a personal journey through disappearing Britain

    Titchmarsh, Alan.
    Published : BBC [London?] 2011 ISBN : 184990152X 9781849901529
    No. 62
    5/5 - A Really Good Book
    Titchmarsh is a good writer and as I'm about the same age as him I love being reminded of how things were. It's nice and relaxing and a good read.
  63. The atrocity archives

    The atrocity archives

    Stross, Charles,
    Published : Orbit London 2013 ISBN : 9780356502397 0356502392
    No. 63
    3/5 - Different and interesting
    None of the ideas alone were particularly innovative, but combined they provided something interesting that I had never seen before. Not quite my usual cup of tea when it comes to urban fantasy, but due a read at the very least.
  64. The new Achilles

    The new Achilles

    Cameron, Christian
    Published : Orion London 2019 ISBN : 9781409176565 1409176568
    No. 64
    5/5 - Great Book
    I've already become really interested in Philopoemen now and I want to find out more about him. Looking on the internet this book seems to be just the beginning of a series and another book will come out next year. I hope it comes quickly enough.
  65. Warrior of Woden

    Warrior of Woden

    Harffy, Matthew,
    Published : Head of Zeus London 2019 ISBN : 9781786696281 1786696282
    No. 65
    5/5 - A Great Bit of History I didn't know about
    A really good book and I really enjoyed it. I'd never heard of the author before stumbling across this book. I'm glad I discovered him. I am going to read the others in this series now.
  66. Mary Berry cooks

    Mary Berry cooks

    Berry, Mary
    Published : BBC Books [London] 2014 ISBN : 1849906637 9781849906630
    No. 66
    5/5 - Wonderful Recipes
    I love Mary Berry because her recipes are always delicious and don't fall into the trap of having to buy something that you have never heard of. I had not seen this book before and thought I would give it a go. It is just as good as her other ones and I highly recommend it.
  67. More home comforts: 100 new recipes from the TV series

    More home comforts: 100 new recipes from the TV series

    Martin, James
    Published : Quadrille [London] 2016 ISBN : 1849497915 9781849497916
    No. 67
    4/5 - Thank you for recommending this, daughter
    My daughter (a massive foodie) recommended this one and I thought on this alone that this recipe book was going to be a good one. It was and I am glad to have found another good recipe book to use. There can be a few complicated dishes (I like simple) but I have tried some and they are delicious.
  68. Wed wabbit

    Wed wabbit

    Evans, Lissa,
    Published : David Fickling Books Oxford 2018 ISBN : 9781910989449 1910989444
    No. 68
    5/5 - I love this book!
    I had already read this book when I asked to read it for Trailblazers and I was happy to do it again. It's fun and funny in all the right ways.
  69. Feeding Tommy: battlefield recipes from the First World War

    Feeding Tommy: battlefield recipes from the First World War

    Robertshaw, Andrew, Royal Logistic Corps Museum (Great Britain)
    Published : History Stroud 2013 ISBN : 0752488759 9780752488752
    No. 69
    4/5 - Interesting stuff
    Not the most appetizing of foods but the history part of the book was very very interesting.
  70. The eczema diet: eczema-safe food to stop the itch and prevent eczema for life. Nut

    The eczema diet: eczema-safe food to stop the itch and prevent eczema for life. Nut

    Fischer, Karen (Nutritionist),
    Published : Exisle Publishing Wollombi, NSW 2014 ISBN : 9781921966460 1921966467
    No. 70
    2/5 - I wish there were more recipes
    This book is great for the science and explanations of what is best for my skin. I just really want it to have more recipes in it. There were surprisingly few and it was a little disappointing.
  71. Why mummy swears: she's not angry, she's just disappointed

    Why mummy swears: she's not angry, she's just disappointed

    Sims, Gill,
    Published : HarperCollinsPublishers London 2019 ISBN : 9780008284220 0008284229
    No. 71
    5/5 - Brilliant
    A really funny book that's highly relatable. I now need to read the second one.
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