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  1. lancs_50_books_2019 // reading
  2. Cartography
  3. FBA winners 2019

    FBA winners 2019 added 28th May

    The Fantastic Book Awards is an annual book event designed to encourage children aged 9-11 to read for pleasure.

  4. Stories loved at Eccleston Storytime

    Stories loved at Eccleston Storytime added 13th May

    All the wonderful books we have read in 2019 at Eccleston Library's storytime Monday 2.15-2.45pm

  5. Burnley Library 50 Books Challenge 2019

    Burnley Library 50 Books Challenge 2019 added 5th May

    We, the staff at Burnley Central, are taking the Lancashire 50 Books Challenge and will be sharing our reviews and ratings

  6. Pictures to Share - Dementia Books

    Pictures to Share - Dementia Books added 23rd April

    Pictures to Share are books for people with mid to late stage dementia, and can also help those who have suffered a stroke or people with learning disabilities. The books can help to prompt conversation and can also help carers and relatives spend meaningful time together. They can also provide an opportunity for telling stories or for linking in to themes that are easily recognizable.

  7. Wish to read 2019

    Wish to read 2019 added 19th April

    What i wish to read in 2019

  8. Read4Health Awareness

    Read4Health Awareness added 17th April

    Body image is how a person thinks and feels about their body. These feelings can be positive, negative or both, and can be influenced by a number of different factors. Body image issues can affect anyone at any age. This is a collection of self-help books, personal accounts, and fiction books which provides information and support for people who may struggle with body image issues or know others who do. Search #Read4Health on Twitter for more info.

  9. Read for Empathy 2019

    Read for Empathy 2019 added 15th April

    A list of books chosen by an expert panel from the Empathy Lab to help build children's empathy and inspire young people to make a positive difference in their homes, schools and communities. These books look at understanding different ways of life and issues that people face, such as being bereaved, or becoming a refugee, and also offers an insight into other people's feelings.

  10. Nic’s 50 Book Challenge 2019

    Nic’s 50 Book Challenge 2019 added 11th April

    Trying to read 50 books this year. A mixture of fiction and non-fiction...

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