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  1. Megan's 50 Books
  2. Campion's 50 Book List

    Campion's 50 Book List added 8th November

    This is a list of a compilation of books members of my family have recently read, enjoyed and would recommend :)

  3. SJC's 50 Book Challenge

    SJC's 50 Book Challenge added 8th November

    Library Assistant. This is a list of books I've read recently and really liked. I love the classics, science fiction, fantasy, historical fiction and everything to do with Ancient Greece or mythology :)

  4. Eccleston Library 50 Books Challenge
  5. Susan at CCP

    Susan at CCP added 26th October

  6. Beat Stress

    Beat Stress added 24th October

    This list of books may help you handle stress and feel good about yourself. Search #Read4Health on Twitter for more info.

  7. Mel's 50 books
  8. edith and oliver

    edith and oliver added 13th October

    really different the characters are so believable of their era

  9. Stories of ambition and success

    Stories of ambition and success added 11th October

    Stories of dreams, ambition and success.

  10. Inspiring stories

    Inspiring stories added 11th October

    Stories of inspiration and success.

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