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Clitheroe Library's 50 Book Challenge 2018 added 23rd December 2017

In 2018, Clitheroe library got 107 books on our 50 Book Challenge list! Join in by reading and sharing your thoughts on all the books you read or listen to and we'll add it to our 2019 book list. If you've loved something you've read or listened to, tell one of the friendly staff at Clitheroe library, we would love to hear your views. You can also follow @lancspublib and share on Twitter using the hashtag #Lancs50books or follow Lancashire libraries on Facebook.

  1. Ever After High: once upon a time: a short story collection

    Ever After High: once upon a time: a short story collection

    Hale, Shannon,
    Published : Little, Brown Books for Young Readers London 2015 ISBN : 9780349132020 034913202X
    No. 1
    4/5 - Nice Relaxing Stories
    I thought I would try something nice and fun and easy to get into January. This is a series of short sorties about the decedents of fairy tale characters who attend a boarding school. I know it is intended for children but I really enjoyed it and it feels great to know that children's literature is still good.
  2. Friends in high places

    Friends in high places

    Peacock, Caro,
    Published : Severn House Paperbacks Sutton 2016 ISBN : 1847516092 9781847516091
    No. 2
    2/5 - This could take a while to read
    This book feels a little heavy and not recommended for a quick read, however if you are prepared to commit to it I think you'll like it.
  3. Shada: the lost adventure by Douglas Adams

    Shada: the lost adventure by Douglas Adams

    Roberts, Gareth Adams, Douglas
    Published : BBC London 2012 2013 ISBN : 9781471313486
    No. 3
    5/5 - An entertaining and interesting story.
    In 1979, BBC strikes prevented this story by Douglas Adams (writer of "the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy") from ever making it to TV. This book has been put together using the last scripts and has Adams' wit and sense of adventure. A good Tom Baker story.
  4. The hitchhiker's guide to the Galaxy

    The hitchhiker's guide to the Galaxy

    Adams, Douglas, 1952-2001,
    Published : Pan Books London 2016 ISBN : 1509808310 9781509808311
    No. 4
    4/5 - Don't Panic! So Long and Thanks for all the Fish
    Really funny writing by Douglas Adams. Poor Arthur Dent in his dressing gown is whisked away into Space after his home (and coincidentally the Earth) are both destroyed on the same day. A great read. Highly recommended. -Don't forget your towel!!
  5. Reading allowed: true stories and curious incidents from a provincial library

    Reading allowed: true stories and curious incidents from a provincial library

    Paling, Chris,
    Published : Charnwood Leicester 2017 ISBN : 1444834673 9781444834673
    No 5.
    4/5 - Very Relatable
    Funny at how things can be behind the scenes of a library isn't it? This tells the account of a year in the life of a librarian and a library. The stories feel so relatable and it is brilliant to read in bit-sized chunks as the chapters are only usually about five pages long.
  6. Magpie murders

    Magpie murders

    Horowitz, Anthony
    Published : Orion Books London 2016 ISBN : 1409158365 9781409158363
    No. 6
    5/5 - Read this book! It's amazing!
    The best book I have read. So good I had to text all my friends to ask if they had read it yet !
  7. Heroes, gods and monsters of Ancient Greek mythology

    Heroes, gods and monsters of Ancient Greek mythology

    Ford, Michael Coveney, Eoin,
    Published : Book House Brighton 2013 ISBN : 9781908973405 1908973404
    No. 7
    4/5 - A Good Introduction to Ancient Greek Mythology
    This illustrated storybook contains all the essential myths any young child curious about the ancient stories of heroes from Titans to Troy and Oedipus to Orpheus.
  8. Graceling


    Cashore, Kristin.
    Published : Clipper Large Print Rearsby 2010 ISBN : 1407455419 9781407455419
    No. 8
    4/5 - Lengthy but worth it
    I greatly enjoyed this book. It is quite clearly a fantasy epic though, so unless you are very familiar with these kinds of stories you will need to remember a lot of fantasy place names and remember where they all are (and the book does not contain a map). It does also however contain the obligatory not-really-needed romance in it, that seemed to take up too much of the plot, but the journey, setting and characters made up for it.
  9. Baby doll

    Baby doll

    Overton, Hollie,
    Published : Arrow Books London 2017 ISBN : 1784753467 9781784753467
    No. 9
    3/5 - Not something I would usually read
    Honestly, I wouldn't have picked up a book like this most of the time, as it is about a very dark and scary subject matter. I liked it more than I thought I would and I liked the idea of telling the story through lots of different people: the victim, her sister, her mother, the man who took her, etc. So I will give it a solid 3/5.
  10. Lisbon


    Boulton, Susie,
    Published : Dorling Kindersley Limited London 2017 ISBN : 9780241271667 0241271665
    No. 10
    5/5 - I made good use of it
    A great travel guide that had a lot of use with lots of photos and a map that help guide you around the city. I would always use this series of travel guides and Lisbon is a beautiful place.
  11. Murder is easy

    Murder is easy

    Christie, Agatha, 1890-1976,
    Published : Harper London 2017 ISBN : 9780008196301 0008196303
    No. 11
    5/5 - Creepy and Clever
    It's quite disturbing how easy murder can be if nobody ever suspects. In this story a lot of very coincidental accidental deaths leads an old spinster to be suspicious before she too is killed in a hit and run. It's a good village mystery and an ending that you'll never see coming.
  12. One of us is lying

    One of us is lying

    McManus, Karen M.,
    Published : Penguin Books London 2017 ISBN : 0141375639 9780141375632
    No. 12
    5/5 - A Good Murder Mystery for Teens
    I really enjoyed this book. It's a whodunit set in an American High School. If you like things like Gossip Girl, this is the book for you.
  13. Lover


    Raverat, Anna,
    Published : Picador London 2017 ISBN : 9780330544696
    No. 13
    5/5 - A Good Book
    I liked reading this book. I enjoyed the story and traveling through Kate's thoughts. It's very elegantly dissected.
  14. Everything Oz

    Everything Oz

    Leech, Christine. Read-Baldrey, Hannah.
    Published : Quadrille London 2012 ISBN : 9781849491181 1849491186
    No. 14
    5/5- A brilliant non-fiction book
    This is a lovely craft book which has loads of Wizard of Oz themed crafts and things to make and do. Highly recommended!
  15. Daily rituals: how great minds make time, find inspiration, and get to work

    Daily rituals: how great minds make time, find inspiration, and get to work

    Currey, Mason,
    Published : Picador London 2014 ISBN : 1447271475 9781447271475
    No. 15
    5/5- A fab book
    Really interesting non-fiction book on how great minds worked, and how they used their time. Has lots of advice and tips you can use. Definitely worth a read!
  16. Nightfall


    Leather, Stephen.
    Published : Hodder & Stoughton London 2010 ISBN : 9781444700633 1444700634 9781444700626 1444700626
    No. 16
    5/5 - New and Interesting
    I did this one for "Try something new" as I don't often read thrillers and I really liked it. I'm looking forward to reading the next book.
  17. All the money in the world: the outrageous fortune and misfortunes of the heirs of J. Paul Getty

    All the money in the world: the outrageous fortune and misfortunes of the heirs of J. Paul Getty

    Pearson, John
    Published : William Collins London 2017 ISBN : 9780008281533 000828153X
    No. 17
    5/5 - An Interesting Biography
    A good book for people who are interested in biographies, especially now there is a film coming out. It tells an intimate story of the Gettys and I was fascinated.
  18. Experiment in autobiography: discoveries and conclusions of a very ordinary brain (since 1866). Vol. 1

    Experiment in autobiography: discoveries and conclusions of a very ordinary brain (since 1866). Vol. 1

    Wells, H. G.
    Published : Gollancz ISBN :
    No. 18
    5/5 - A Worthwhile Read
    Definitely better than the second volume (which is a lot more serious), this book is great for light reading of non-fiction.
  19. The Marsh King's daughter

    The Marsh King's daughter

    Dionne, Karen, Rankin, Emily,
    Published : ISIS Audio Books Oxford 2017 ISBN : 1445062542 9781445062549
    No. 19
    5/5 - Past and Present in One Story
    This book tells two stories: the flashback to Helena's childhood growing up in the marsh, and the present day story of her hunt for her escaped father. Both are very intriguing and suspenseful and kept me hooked right until the very end.
  20. Neverwhere: the author's preferred text

    Neverwhere: the author's preferred text

    Gaiman, Neil.
    Published : Review London 2005 ISBN : 0755322800 9780755322800
    No. 20
    5/5 - Really Fun
    I love how imaginative this book is and how it takes the names of the tube stations in London and turns them into literal interpretations in this fantasy world beneath London.
  21. Hickory dickory dock

    Hickory dickory dock

    Christie, Agatha, 1890-1976,
    Published : Harper London 2015 ISBN : 000812955X 9780008129552
    No. 21
    4/5 - Poirot for Young People
    If I want a younger person to enjoy a good murder mystery, this is where I would point them. It has lots of young people and has a wide cast of characters from all races and backgrounds. Some of the comments some of the characters make about minority characters may be considered less than PC at times, but one must remember that it was set in the 1950s. Aside from that the mystery holds up well and is definitely intriguing.
  22. Atlantis


    Gibbins, David. Mace, Colin.
    Published : Clipper Audio 2008 ISBN : 1407400991 9781407400990
    No. 22
    4/5 - Interesting and Educational
    This is quite a long book and it does assume a certain degree of intelligence but it did teach me pieces of Neolithic history that I didn't know before. There is a short afterward from the author at the end which helps to differentiate the story from real archaeology, but it is fascinating.
  23. Sir Gawain and the green knight

    Sir Gawain and the green knight

    Armitage, Simon.
    Published : Faber London 2007 ISBN : 0571223273 9780571223282 9780571223275
    No. 27
    4/5 - Fantastic Arthurian Tale
    This is a fantastic Arthurian tale, with the best elements of knightly quests, valour, and a dash of the supernatural. A classic English tale. Highly recommended!
  24. Mythos


    Fry, Stephen
    Published : Michael Joseph UK 2017 ISBN : 9780718188726 0718188721
    No. 28
    5/5 - Greek Myths with Stephen Fry's Classic Wit
    I loved the way this book was written. It made me smile a lot, especially from the things that the characters said. It's very similar to what Neil Gaiman did with his "Norse Mythology" book and Stephen Fry's wit is all over it. I couldn't put it down.
  25. The monogram murders: the new Hercule Poirot mystery

    The monogram murders: the new Hercule Poirot mystery

    Hannah, Sophie Christie, Agatha, 1890-1976,
    Published : Harper London 2015 ISBN : 9780007547449 0007547447
    No. 29
    4/5 - Not Quite as Good - but still good
    It feels like a Poirot book, but not quite. I do really like the book, but it is significantly longer than the Agatha Christie ones (and it's noticeable). It is still a very good read though, and quite confusing (in a good way).
  26. The girl before

    The girl before

    Delaney, J P,
    Published : Charnwood Leicester 2018 ISBN : 1444835335 9781444835335
    No. 30
    5/5 - Absolutely Brilliant
    This book is amazing. I would highly recommend it to anyone who reads thrillers. I cannot wait to see another book by this author. I have heard there is one due this summer.
  27. Then she was gone

    Then she was gone

    Jewell, Lisa,
    Published : Century London 2017 ISBN : 1780896417 9781780896410
    No. 31
    5/5 - Gripping Storyline
    Heart breaking story of a mother who's daughter goes missing and how the disappearance affects the whole family. Not read Lisa Jewell before, found this book to be an excellent read. One of my recommendations, going to read another one of her books.
  28. Athena the brain

    Athena the brain

    Holub, Joan. Williams, Suzanne
    Published : Atom London 2012 ISBN : 9781405511629 1405511621 1907411461 9781907411465
    No. 32
    5/5 - An Interesting Idea
    I do quite like the idea of a school for Greek gods and it is surprisingly in depth for a children's book. This is the first time I have ever seen Pallas, Athena's old friend, in a children's book before. And it is very well written.
  29. Something wicked this way comes

    Something wicked this way comes

    Bradbury, Ray.
    Published : Hart-Davis 1963 ISBN : 0246637625 9780246637628
    No. 33
    2/5 - A little bit boring
    The concept of this book sounded good, but honestly it felt very longwinded and drawn out to me with very little going on. It was not really that memorable either.
  30. Shadow on the crown

    Shadow on the crown

    Bracewell, Patricia Mash, Maggie,
    Published : Clipper Audio Rearsby 2015 ISBN : 0008143005 9780008143008
    No. 34
    5/5 -Amazing book about a fascinating woman
    I found this quite the intriguing historical fiction. Not only would I recommend it to people who like to read about Medieval history, but I think that some of the fantasy readers, especially those who love the politics in George R. R. Martin, might like to see the kind of thing that really happened in history and how similar it is.
  31. Winnie the Pooh, with decorations by E. H. Shepard

    Winnie the Pooh, with decorations by E. H. Shepard

    Milne, A. A. Shepard, Ernest H. (Ernest Howard)
    Published : Mammoth 1989 ISBN : 0749702109 9780749702106
    No. 35
    5/5 - Nostalgia
    I loved this book when I was a child and so did my mother. Hopefully one day I will read it to my own children and all of us will enjoy this timeless classic.
  32. Dave Pigeon's book on how to deal with bad cats and keep (most of) your feathers by Dave Pigeon

    Dave Pigeon's book on how to deal with bad cats and keep (most of) your feathers by Dave Pigeon

    Haddow, Swapna, Dempsey, Sheena,
    Published : Faber & Faber London 2016 ISBN : 0571323308 9780571323302
    No. 36
    5/5 - The Children Loved it
    Read for Clitheroe Trailblazers I don't think I've seen all of those children so excited by this one book. They said it was very funny.
  33. Mrs McGinty's dead

    Mrs McGinty's dead

    Christie, Agatha, 1890-1976,
    Published : Harper London 2014 ISBN : 0007527586 9780007527588
    No. 37
    5/5 - A Classic Retrospective Crime Book
    I really liked this one, and unlike a number of Agatha Christies this one looks back at a murder that has already been committed and a man has already been found guilty, but the police inspector who built the case isn't so sure that they've caught their murderer so Poirot goes investigating. Also featuring recurring character Ariadne Oliver (who I find hilarious).
  34. Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone

    Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone

    Rowling, J. K. Kay, Jim (Illustrator),
    Published : Bloomsbury London 2015 ISBN : 9781408845646 1408845644
    No. 38
    5/5 - A childhood classic
    There is very little about this children's book that has not already been said. It is a magical book with great characters and although it is not perfect, it tells a great story and is a great start to the series. One of my favourites.
  35. Caraval


    Garber, Stephanie,
    Published : Hodder & Stoughton London 2017 ISBN : 1473629144 9781473629141
    No. 39
    3/5 - OK, I just feel like I wasn't the intended audience
    This book was recommended to me and I feel then it may have suffered from overly large expectations on my part. The story was good and intriguing, but I did not find it as gripping as I wanted. Also it had one of my pet peeves of unnecessary romances in it. A good book by all means, well written and a nice story - just not for me.
  36. The thirteen problems

    The thirteen problems

    Christie, Agatha
    Published : Ulverscroft Leicester 2010 ISBN : 9781444802399 1444802399
    No. 40
    5/5 - Thirteen Short Stories
    Thirteen chapter-long mysteries told from two different dinner parties at which Agatha Christie first conceived of Miss Marple. They are fun little problems that are interesting and different especially if you don't feel like reading a full-length story.
  37. Pride and Prejudice

    Pride and Prejudice

    Austen, Jane
    Published : Bolinda/Audible audio 2003 ISBN : 9781486261963
    No. 41
    3/5 - A Lovely Listen
    A great way to enjoy the classics, whilst doing housework, gardening or out walking. I have finally managed to enjoy something I feel I should have read a long time ago.
  38. The cruel prince

    The cruel prince

    Black, Holly,
    Published : Hot Key Books London 2018 ISBN : 1471406458 9781471406454
    No. 42
    5/5 - The Darker Side of Faery
    This isn't the faery of pretty wings and flower fairy's. This is a cruel, cruel world right in the shadow of our own...would you survive there?
  39. A wrinkle in time

    A wrinkle in time

    L'Engle, Madeleine, Scaife, Keith, Walt Disney Pictures,
    Published : Puffin London 2018 ISBN : 0241331161 9780241331163
    No. 43
    5/5 - A Good Old Adventure with a Twist of Science
    This certainly got me thinking about the science behind the adventure with just a twist of the magical about it. A great romp through the cosmos and not just for kids to enjoy!
    'Magic is science that we just can't explain yet.'
  40. All the crooked saints

    All the crooked saints

    Stiefvater, Maggie
    Published : Scholastic London 2017 ISBN : 1407164791 9781407164793
    No. 44
    5/5 - Darkness is within, power to change is too
    A wonderful interweaving of multiple tales of personal triumph into one gripping read.
  41. Still me

    Still me

    Moyes, Jojo
    Published : Michael Joseph UK 2018 ISBN : 0718183185 9780718183189
    No. 45
    4/5 - Great Writing Style
    Jojo Moyes has a great writing style which makes this, the final part of the trilogy, an enjoyable read. However, I felt the 500 or so pages could have been condensed to 300.
  42. The tearaway

    The tearaway

    Williams, Dean. McDonald, John F.
    Published : Simon & Schuster London 2012 ISBN : 1849837740 9781849837743
    No. 46
    4/5 - Wayward Northern Childhood in the 70s
    This is an ultimately uplifting story which I took my time over (unfortunately incurring a fine).
  43. Accidental heroes

    Accidental heroes

    Steel, Danielle,
    Published : Macmillan London 2018 ISBN : 9781509800452 150980045X
    No. 47
    5/5 - Usual Quality from Danielle Steele
    Exciting - as usual a happy ending. My husband asked if he would like it but it's probably only the middle section that would appeal to men.
  44. The fifth season

    The fifth season

    Jemisin, N. K.,
    Published : Orbit London 2016 ISBN : 0356508196 9780356508191
    No. 48
    4/5 - A bit slow-paced but still very good
    A bit of a slow start but I quite liked it. It is an interesting world in which the story takes place. It is quite a dark book though so be prepared for that and it does end on a cliffhanger. Be prepared for a possible series commitment.
  45. Victoria: a life

    Victoria: a life

    Wilson, A. N.
    Published : Atlantic Books London 2015 ISBN : 184887958X 9781848879584
    No. 49
    4/5 - Full of Interesting Stories
    I liked this book. I always find biographies of Victoria interesting and this was a big long one. It took longer to read than normal because of its size though.
  46. Little Celeste

    Little Celeste

    McNiff, Dawn,
    Published : Hot Key Books London 2014 ISBN : 9781471402425 1471402428
    No. 50
    5/5 - Nice
    I liked this. It was a fun book and I liked it a lot. It's quite sweet.
  47. The many worlds of Albie Bright

    The many worlds of Albie Bright

    Edge, Christopher,
    Published : Nosy Crow London 2016 ISBN : 9780857636041 0857636049
    No. 51
    5/5 - Scientific
    I loved the scientific elements in it. It's not something you often find in the junior library. I wouldn't have picked it up if it wasn't for Trailblazers but I ended up loving it.
  48. The fellowship of the ring: being the first part of the lord of the rings

    The fellowship of the ring: being the first part of the lord of the rings

    Tolkien, J. R. R. Lee, Alan.
    Published : HarperCollins London 2008 ISBN : 0007269706 9780007269709
    No. 52
    5/5 - Absolutely Amazing
    I remember reading once that the English-speaking world is supposedly divided into the people who have read the Lord of the Rings and the people who are going to read it. So if you are one of the latter group, I advise you to give it a read soon. You have a wonderful journey ahead of you.
  49. American gods

    American gods

    Gaiman, Neil,
    Published : Headline London 2017 ISBN : 9781472245540 1472245547
    No. 53
    5/5 - So Many Mythologies
    It is just so thouroghly intriguing just how many different mythologies can make their home in America. Gods have travelled to America through the minds of people who travelled there sometimes hundreds or thousands of years ago so you find yourself with some you knew from childhood and learning the intricacies of African or Eastern European mythologies (not to mention Native American) and boy is it interesting. Lengthy but well worth the read.
  50. Death knocks twice

    Death knocks twice

    Thorogood, Robert,
    Published : HQ London 2017 ISBN : 9781848455252 1848455259
    No. 54
    5/5 - Gentle Crime
    A nice gentle story crime perfect for your holidays. It is a good read for anyone who likes gentle crime, whether you happen to have seen the television show it is based on or not.
  51. The dragon with a chocolate heart

    The dragon with a chocolate heart

    Burgis, Stephanie,
    Published : Bloomsbury London 2017 ISBN : 9781408880319 1408880318
    No. 55
    5/5 - A Great Book
    This is a really lovely story that made me smile. I'd recommend it to everyone.
  52. Aiden Abet, teacher's pet

    Aiden Abet, teacher's pet

    Bass, Guy, May, Steve,
    Published : Barrington Stoke Edinburgh 2016 ISBN : 9781781125922 1781125929
    No. 56
    4/5 - Funny but I don't like the main character
    It was a short book and I did like it, but I really did not like Aiden as a character. He drove me mad.
  53. The two towers

    The two towers

    Tolkien, J. R. R. (John Ronald Reuel), 1892-1973,
    Published : HarperCollinsPublishers London 2012 ISBN : 0007488335 9780007488339
    No. 57
    5/5 - Very Good Book
    Make sure that you read the first part first (or you are going to be so very confused before the end of the first page), but I absolutely adore this story and in my eyes is absolutely perfect.
  54. The colour of magic: a Discworld novel

    The colour of magic: a Discworld novel

    Pratchett, Terry.
    Published : Corgi London 2012 ISBN : 0552166596 9780552166591
    No. 58
    4/5 - A Hilarious Fantasy Spoof
    The first in the Discworld Series (although it is not the best one), is primarily a lot of fantasy spoof ideas and events thrown together into this book. It doesn't really have a plot - you would have to go to "The Light Fantastic" for that one - but it is a funny selection of short romps and an introduction to the Discworld starring an inept wizard called Rincewind and an excitable tourist called Twoflower.
  55. The reader on the 6.27

    The reader on the 6.27

    Didierlaurent, Jean-Paul, Schwartz, Ros,
    Published : Pan Books London 2016 ISBN : 1447276493 9781447276494
    No. 59
    5/5 - Highly Recommended.
    A lovely book. I highly recommend it. It different and refreshingly so.
  56. A weekend in New York

    A weekend in New York

    Markovits, Benjamin,
    Published : Faber & Faber London 2018 ISBN : 9780571338054 0571338054
    No. 60
    5/5 - Interestingly Written
    The book was very well written and I liked the style a lot. I would recommend it to others. It's quite different from my usual read but it was worth the change for this one.
  57. The invisible library

    The invisible library

    Cogman, Genevieve,
    Published : Tor London 2015 ISBN : 1447256239 9781447256236
    No. 61
    5/5 - A thrilling adventure for book lovers
    I am not particularly partial to thrillers but this book has something for everyone: spies, magic, steampunk mechanics, Victorian detectives, fairies, dragons (and even cyborg alligators). The overall theme is also one that will appeal to anyone who loves a good story and will stop at nothing for that nice relax with a good book.
  58. The hobbit, or, There and back again

    The hobbit, or, There and back again

    Tolkien, J. R. R. (John Ronald Reuel), 1892-1973,
    Published : HarperCollinsPublishers London 2013 ISBN : 9780007525492 0007525494
    No. 62
    5/5 - A Classic Fantasy Novel!
    A brilliant classic that has inspired so many fantasy writers since. There are so many fantastic elements in this book which are so unique and imaginative. And the shire is based on Lancashire, need I say more? Recommended!
  59. Orphan monster spy

    Orphan monster spy

    Killeen, Matt,
    Published : Usborne London 2018 ISBN : 9781474942386 1474942385
    No. 63- A very good young adult book that I couldn't put down
  60. The testament of Loki

    The testament of Loki

    Harris, Joanne
    Published : Gollancz London 2018 ISBN : 9781473202399 1473202396
    No. 64- 1/5- Not a fan- I really enjoyed the first book, but the second book just doesn't make sense to me. It is nothing like the first book and goes completely off on a tangent. It seems like a book made just for the sake of a sequel :(
  61. The mythology book

    The mythology book

    Published : Dorling Kindersley Limited London 2018 ISBN : 9780241301913 0241301912
    No. 65- 5/5- Amazing, insightful book. This book covers a cornucopia of mythological tales. It is a brilliant book with plenty of information, good pictures and graphics. Highly recommended!
  62. Deadpool does Shakespeare

    Deadpool does Shakespeare

    Duggan, Gerry, Sousa, Bruno de, Hepburn, Scott, Izaakse, Sean, Doescher, Ian,
    Published : Panini Publishing Tunbridge Wells, Kent 2017 ISBN : 9781846538049 1846538041
    No. 66- 5/5- This is a really good Deadpool comic book where he alludes to and makes fun of a number of Shakespeare plays. Great for marvel, Deadpool comic book or Shakespeare fans.
  63. Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban

    Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban

    Rowling, J. K.
    Published : Bloomsbury London 2014 ISBN : 9781408855676 1408855674 1408855917 9781408855911
    No 67.
    5/5 - Really Really Good
    I've finally got around to reading this one (I did all the others and I couldn't find this one) and I really loved it.
  64. The 1,000-year-old boy

    The 1,000-year-old boy

    Welford, Ross,
    Published : Nudged Children's Audiobooks Rearsby 2018 ISBN : 9780008274016 0008274010
    No. 68
    5/5 - Interesting
    I liked this story. It was really interesting. I could barely put it down.
  65. Rose Rivers

    Rose Rivers

    Wilson, Jacqueline, Sharratt, Nick,
    Published : Doubleday London 2018 ISBN : 9780857535160 0857535161
    No. 69
    5/5 - A great new book
    This is a beautiful story linked in with Hettie Feather. I only just found it but I really really liked it. I really like this series and Jacqueline Wilson books in general, but it is a good read for people who like historical fiction.
  66. Rivers of London

    Rivers of London

    Aaronovitch, Ben.
    Published : Gollancz London 2012 ISBN : 0575132604 9780575132603
    No. 70
    5/5 - I'm so glad I found this book
    I love modern police mysteries and I love fantasy books. This one has cleverly combined the two and there is now an on-going series I will be enjoying now for a while. I am so glad I found this book.
  67. The graveyard book

    The graveyard book

    Gaiman, Neil. Riddell, Chris.
    Published : Bloomsbury London 2009 ISBN : 9780747594802 0747594805
    No. 71
    5/5 - More than just a ghost story
    This was a lovely compilation of short stories about a boy raised in a graveyard. This is more than just a ghost story and it made me go though a range of emotions whilst reading it.
  68. Myths and legends of Britain and Ireland

    Myths and legends of Britain and Ireland

    Jones, Richard
    Published : New Holland London 2012 ISBN : 9781847739865 1847739865
    No. 72
    4/5 - A Good Guide to Sites all Over the British Isles
    A must have for those who like stories going on holiday in the UK or Ireland. I really enjoyed it.
  69. The moonlight statue

    The moonlight statue

    Webb, Holly, Cockcroft, Jason,
    Published : Stripes London 2017 ISBN : 1847156606 9781847156600
    No. 73
    4/5 - A lovely story about a girl and a dog
    A short and sweet little book that is very heart-warming and full of history. It's a must read for any child that loves dogs.
  70. A study in scarlet

    A study in scarlet

    Doyle, Arthur Conan, 1859-1930,
    Published : Penguin Classics London 2014 ISBN : 9780141395524 0141395524
    No. 74
    4/5 - Easier to read than I thought it would be
    I know a lot of people are intimidated by the "Classics" really out of fear that they will be hard to read. Even though you do get a few moments of that with the occasional word having fallen out of common use it is still very easy to read and a lot shorter than you expect books like this to be. And it created one of the most famous literary characters ever. What's not to like?
  71. Magical folk: British and Irish fairies, 500 AD to the present

    Magical folk: British and Irish fairies, 500 AD to the present

    Young, Simon. Houlbrook, Ceri.
    Published : Gibson Square Books Ltd 2017 ISBN : 1783341017 9781783341016
    No. 75
    5/5/ - So many different kinds of fairies...
    Lots of different fairy legends appear all across the UK and Ireland. This book takes a look at them and the legends that sprung up in Canada and the United States after colonisation. They are amazing to read. I would recommend a look for anyone.
  72. Dracula


    Stoker, Bram
    Published : Clipper Large Print Rearsby 2012 ISBN : 9781471206719 1471206718
    No. 76
    5/5- Ahead of its time!
    Really interesting book with brilliant writing. Really pulls you in to the story which is written as a series of letters, diaries and newspaper articles.
    Highly recommended!
  73. A discovery of witches

    A discovery of witches

    Harkness, Deborah E.
    Published : Headline London 2011 ISBN : 0755374029 9780755374021
    No. 77
    5/5- A brilliant supernatural world
    Deborah Harkness creates really likeable characters and an interesting world full of magic, vampires, witches and daemons.
  74. Complete wellness

    Complete wellness

    Neal's Yard Remedies (Firm),
    Published : Dorling Kindersley Limited London 2018 ISBN : 9780241302132 0241302137
    No. 78
    5/5- Really interesting
    Lots of clever tips and ideas of how to look after yourself with remedies.
  75. Hector & the search for happiness

    Hector & the search for happiness

    Lelord, Franc╠žois.
    Published : Gallic London 2009 ISBN : 1906040230 9781906040239
    No. 79
    5/5- Sweet & Uplifting
    This is a really nice book with uplifting themes. Will definitely put a smile on your face :)
  76. Complete book of home organization: 336 tips and projects

    Complete book of home organization: 336 tips and projects

    Hammersley, Toni,
    Published : Weldon Owen Mcmahons Point 2016 ISBN : 9781616289577 1616289570
    No. 80
    5/5- Fab book of organisation ideas
    Loads of great inspirational ideas on how to keep your home organised and tidy. Highly recommended!
  77. Pocket Athens: top sights, local life, made easy

    Pocket Athens: top sights, local life, made easy

    Averbuck, Alexis
    Published : Lonely Planet Footscray, Victoria 2016 ISBN : 1743215584 9781743215586
    No. 81
    5/5- Extremely helpful guidebook
    I took this with me to Athens because it was so helpful and had lots of advice and tips for places to visit.
  78. The complete guide to staying healthy: proven ways to prevent more than 90 common health conditions

    The complete guide to staying healthy: proven ways to prevent more than 90 common health conditions

    Hunter, Fiona. Forte, Vincent.
    Published : Reader's Digest London 2012 ISBN : 9781780201337 1780201338
    No. 82
    This book is really useful for knowing how best to keep well and treat common illnesses.
  79. The thinking woman's guide to real magic

    The thinking woman's guide to real magic

    Barker, Emily Croy,
    Published : Penguin Books London 2014 ISBN : 1405913096 9781405913096
    No. 83
    3/5- Started off well...
    This book started off really well with its magical theme but then it went really dark and strange.
  80. King Flashypants and the evil emperor

    King Flashypants and the evil emperor

    Riley, Andy,
    Published : Hodder Children's Books London 2016 ISBN : 9781444929591 1444929593
    No. 84
    4/5 - Very Funny
    This book really made me laugh. It is very silly and makes no sense sometimes but that's the fun of it.
  81. Arrowood


    Finlay, Mick,
    Published : Harlequin Richmond 2017 ISBN : 0008203229 9780008203221
    No. 85
    4/5 - Slow start but good story
    I did struggle to stay invested at the beginning as the story did not feel that it was going anywhere, but when I got into it I thoroughly enjoyed it. I do hope that there will be more like this in the future.
  82. The return of the king

    The return of the king

    Tolkien, J. R. R. (John Ronald Reuel), 1892-1973,
    Published : HarperCollinsPublishers London 2012 ISBN : 0007488351 9780007488353
    No. 86
    5/5 - A wonderful finale
    If you have only watched the films you still need to give this a read. I love it and in this last part there is not only entirely new sections of narrative, but a wonderful finale indeed worthy of the rest of the book.
  83. The house across the street

    The house across the street

    Pearse, Lesley,
    Published : Michael Joseph UK 2018 ISBN : 9780718189242 0718189248
    No. 87
  84. Equal rites: a Discworld novel

    Equal rites: a Discworld novel

    Pratchett, Terry.
    Published : Corgi London 2012 ISBN : 0552166618 9780552166614
    No. 88
    5/5 - A great introduction to the Discworld Witches
    The first one of the Witches Discworld books (and the third Discworld book in total), telling the story of the discworld's first female wizard. An interesting story on feminism and equal opportunity whilst still full of Pratchett's usual humour and wit. I just wished that I could have heard more of Esk in later books.
  85. The white fox

    The white fox

    Morris, Jackie,
    Published : Conkers Edinburgh 2016 ISBN : 1781125228 9781781125229
    No. 89
    5/5 - A lovely story
    A lovely story about a boy and his friendship with an Arctic fox that brings his family back together. It's a tearjerker, yes, but in a good way. It talks a lot about family and the indigenous peoples of Alaska and the wonderful happy endings of family reunited. It's a lovely feel-good book for older children with stunning illustrations.
  86. The iron trial

    The iron trial

    Black, Holly, Clare, Cassandra,
    Published : Corgi Books London 2015 ISBN : 0552567736 9780552567732
    No 90.
    4/5 - Book perfect for Harry Potter graduates. Underground, elemental Mage School with dark and twisty storylines in places.
  87. The copper gauntlet

    The copper gauntlet

    Black, Holly, Clare, Cassandra,
    Published : Corgi Books London 2015 ISBN : 055256771X 9780552567718
    No. 91
    4/5 - Book two of the series didn't disappoint!
  88. The monstrous child

    The monstrous child

    Simon, Francesca, Lomenech Gill, Olivia,
    Published : Faber & Faber London 2017 ISBN : 9780571330270 0571330274
    No. 92
    1/5 - A boring and monotonous monologue, the only thing that kept me reading to the end was the mythology link.
  89. Ink


    Broadway, Alice,
    Published : Scholastic London 2017 ISBN : 1407172840 9781407172842
    5/5 - Waited a while before I delved into this brilliant world and then couldn't put it down!
  90. Mortal engines

    Mortal engines

    Reeve, Philip,
    Published : Scholastic London 2018 ISBN : 140718914X 9781407189147
    No. 94
    4/5 - Wanted to read this before the film came out and I'm so glad I did, the world building is out of this world!
  91. Are we all lemmings and snowflakes?

    Are we all lemmings and snowflakes?

    Bourne, Holly,
    Published : Usborne London 2018 ISBN : 9781474933612 1474933610
    5/5 - Heart-breaking insight into what it's like to be faced with a mental health condition.
  92. What a wonderful word

    What a wonderful word

    Edwards, Nicola, Uribe, Luisa,
    Published : 360 Degrees London 2018 ISBN : 9781848576452
  93. Good night stories for rebel girls: 100 tales of extraordinary women

    Good night stories for rebel girls: 100 tales of extraordinary women

    Favilli, Elena, Cavallo, Francesca,
    Published : Particular Books UK 2017 ISBN : 014198600X 9780141986005
    5/5 - I love this book. Nice short biographical stories aimed at children (yet informative to adults too) of amazing women. With gorgeous illustrations from different illustrators.
  94. The island at the end of everything

    The island at the end of everything

    Hargrave, Kiran Millwood
    Published : Chicken House Frome, Somerset 2017 ISBN : 1910002763 9781910002766
    5/5 - Gorgeous illustration of the segregation felt by families affected by leprosy.
  95. A place called perfect

    A place called perfect

    Duggan, Helena,
    Published : Usborne London 2017 ISBN : 9781474924160 1474924166
    5/5 - a strange twist on 'looking through rose tinted glasses'
  96. Black coffee

    Black coffee

    Christie, Agatha, 1890-1976, Osborne, Charles,
    Published : Ulverscroft Leicester 2015 ISBN : 1444825771 9781444825770
    No. 100
    4/5 - You can tell it was a play first
    I liked the book and I loved the mystery, but you can tell it was a play first. Pretty much the entire book is set in one room. It's not dull though, and full of Agatha Christie's genius (although not quite her usual writing style).
  97. Invader


    Scarrow, Simon, Keeble, Jonathan, Andrews, T. J.,
    Published : ISIS Audio Books Oxford 2016 ISBN : 9781445055732 1445055732
    No. 101
    5/5 - A Nice Surprise
    A really good book about the Romans in Britain. I picked this up to pass the time until another book I had reserved came. I now want to read all of Simon Scarrow's books.
  98. The reckoning

    The reckoning

    Grisham, John,
    Published : Hodder & Stoughton London 2018 ISBN : 1473684382 9781473684386
    No. 102
    5/5 - A Wonderfully Interesting Book
    I was amazed at the story behind this book. It was very gripping, well-written and I could not fault it at all.
  99. Shadow of night

    Shadow of night

    Harkness, Deborah E.
    Published : Headline London 2013 ISBN : 9780755384754 075538475X
    No. 103
    5/5 A fabulous jaunt into Elizabethan England with a continuation of the action from the first book
  100. The book of life

    The book of life

    Harkness, Deborah E.
    Published : Headline London 2015 ISBN : 9780755384792 0755384792
    No 104
    5/5 A brilliant culmination of the series bring together all the threads of the story.
  101. The wizards of once

    The wizards of once

    Cowell, Cressida,
    Published : Hodder Children's Books London 2018 ISBN : 1444936727 9781444936728
    No. 105
    5/5 - So good I finished it in a day.
    I loved this book. I thought it was just OK at first but then I got really into it and before I knew it I had finished. Wow.
  102. Rivers of London: body work

    Rivers of London: body work

    Aaronovitch, Ben Sullivan, Lee Cartmel, Andrew,
    Published : Titan Books London 2016 ISBN : 9781782761877 178276187X
    No. 106
    4/5 - An interesting graphic novel
    A great urban fantasy story and my husband loves it too. I think I may be getting him more of these graphic novels. It did feel a tad rushed though. Maybe that's because I'm used to longer stories though. Warning: not for kids though (teens: maybe. Children: no.)
  103. The disappearing diva

    The disappearing diva

    Todd Taylor, Sarah, Kinnear, Nicola,
    Published : Nosy Crow London 2018 ISBN : 1788000358 9781788000352
    No. 107 - Easy to Read
    It was a bit slow at the beginning but I did really enjoy it (even if it was easy to work out the mystery). It's one of the most entertaining new books I've read this year. I wonder how the second book will hold up.
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