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By Thompson, Sophie author
Published Bolinda audio 2008 2008
Hello, Dear Listener. Are you sitting, lying down, standing on your head, eating a jam sandwich comfortably? Then I'll begin ... I want to introduce you...

By Evans, Lissa author
Published Bolinda audio 2003 2003
You're called Fidge and you're nearly 11. You've been hurled into a strange world. You have three companions: two are unbelievably weird and the third...

By Curtin, Judi author
Published Bolinda/O'Brien audio 2007 2007
When Eva and Kate find an old diary, they end up determined to right old wrongs! But they can’t spend all their time living in the past as the present...

By Horowitz, Anthony author
Published Bolinda/Walker audio 2009 2009
Stories of ultimate revenge, from freshly sold human meat and uncontrollable robots, to life-sucking MP3 players and reality TV where death is the penalty...

By Wilkinson, Carole author
Published Bolinda audio 2002 2002
Ping is struggling to protect the young dragon Kai from the ruthless enemies that stalk him. Then an old friend sends her a secret map that shows the...

By Bird, Pip author
Published Bolinda audio 2006 2006
Mira and her friends are SO EXCITED about the SCHOOL DISCO, although Dave the naughtiest unicorn prefers dozing to dancing! But when Class Red get into...

By Muncaster, Harriet author
Published Bolinda audio 2004 2004
Half vampire, half fairy, totally unique! Isadora Moon is special because she is different. Her mum is a fairy and her dad is a vampire and Isadora is...

By Bruna, Dick author
Published ABC Audio 2009 2009
Follow Miffy as she embarks on more adventures, big and small – exploring the exciting world around her, with her friends and family. Featuring 10 episodes...

By Patterson, James author
Published Bolinda audio 2001 2001
It's a dog-eat-dog world, and Rafe Khatchadorian is just trying to live in it. Life in middle school is finally starting to seem bearable – until Rafe...

By Nimmo, Jenny author
Published Bolinda/Audible audio 2006 2006
An academy for magic and special talents. A destiny unfulfilled. A secret legacy. Since his father died, Charlie Bone has lived with his mother and her...
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