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By Buczacki, Stefan author
Published Collins 2000 2000
Though gardens are often viewed merely as artificial creations rather than easily accessible places to observe and encourage wildlife, ‘Garden Natural...

By Dangar, William author
Published Murdoch Books 2001 2001
William Dangar's Garden is a journey through a series of twenty-one inspiring, emotive and lyrical gardens. Each is photographed at its optimum moment...

By Bordman, Aileen author
Published Dey Street Books 2005 2005
Bring Monet’s paintings and gardens to life using this gorgeously illustrated book that will teach you how to create a Monet lifestyle from your living...

By Marren, Peter author
Published Vintage Digital 2007 2007
The mysterious Ghost Orchid blooms in near darkness among rotting leaves on the forest floor. It blends into the background to the point of invisibility...

By Bradbury, Kate author
Published Bloomsbury Wildlife 2003 2003
Finding herself in a new home in Brighton, Kate Bradbury sets about transforming her decked, barren backyard into a beautiful wildlife garden. She documents...

By Lewis-Stempel, John author
Published Transworld Digital 2006 2006
What really goes on in the long grass? Meadowland gives an unique and intimate account of an English meadow’s life from January to December, together...

By Gordon, Chantal Aida author
Published Clarkson Potter 2007 2007
The sixteen indoor and outdoor projects range from succulents to veggies and showcase a variety of full sun- and shade-loving foliage. Bright photography...

By Wohlleben, Peter author
Published William Collins 2000 2000
Research is now suggesting trees are capable of much more than we have ever known. In The Hidden Life of Trees, forester Peter Wohlleben puts groundbreaking...

By Li, Dr Qing author
Published Penguin 2004 2004
Penguin presents the audiobook edition of Shinrin-Yoku by Dr Qing Li, read by Ramon Tikaram. Shinrin = Forest Yoku = Bathing Shinrin-Yoku or forest bathing...

By Clinton, Chelsea author
Published Listening Library 2006 2006
Grandma Dorothy shared her love of gardens with her daughter, Hillary, and her granddaughter, Chelsea. She taught them that gardens are magical places...
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