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Unknown. English.
Published Brightspark, 2008

By Hamilton, Peter F
Book. English.
Published London: Tor, 2000
After the multi-layered, dramatic events described in The Reality Dysfunction and The Neutronium Alchemist, comes this climax to Hamilton's awe-inspiring...

By Gonzales, Tony, 1973-
Book. English.
Published London: Gollancz, 2012
New Eden: the celestial battleground of a catastrophic war that has claimed countless lives. The immortal starship captains spearheading this epic conflict...

By Weber, David, 1952-
Book. English.
Published Riverdale, N.Y.: Baen; London: Diamond [distributor], 2013
Peril and strife strike on a double front for Honor Harrington and company. After a brutal attack on the Manticoran home system, Honor Harrington and...

Book. English.
Published California: Griffin, 2008
The 25th in an award-winning annual science fiction collection, this book contains stories by, among others, Robert Silverberg, Ian McDonald, Stephen...

By McNeill, Graham, 1971- author
Book. English.
Published Nottingham: Black Library, 2014
For years, fans have been clamouring for novels about the Horus Heresy - the bloody civil war that set Space Marine against Space Marine and nearly spelled...

By Odom, Mel
Book. English.
Published London: Simon & Schuster, 2007
An interdimensional portal has opened in modern-day London. Earth has been overrun by demonic creatures, and humanity has been decimated. The world's...

Unknown. English.
Published 2 Entertain, Feb 2011
BBFC classification: PG

By Ryman, Geoff
Book. English.
Published London: Gollancz, 2005
The novel is about the effects on a Chinese village of a new communications technology, Air, that works without power lines or machines

By Lee, Sharon, 1952-
Book. English.
Published Riverdale, N.Y.: Baen, [2010?]
Introducing three space adventure novels set in the popular Liaden Universe series - 'Local Custom', 'Scout's Progress' and 'Conflict of Honors'
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