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Just Disgusting!

Just Disgusting!

Griffiths, Andy author

Is this the right book for you? Take the disgusting quiz and find out! Do you do any - or all - of the following: pick your nose, talk in burps or wee in swimming pools? Do you ever wear the same undies two (or more) days in a row? Do you wish you knew the most disgusting thing in the world? Do you think Brussels sprouts are a delicious mouth watering treat? Do you like stories about dead flies, giant slugs and mysterious brown blobs? Score: One point for each yes answer 3-5 You are completely and utterly disgusting. You will love this book. 1-2 You are fairly disgusting. You will love this book 0 You are a disgusting liar. You will love this book

eAudiobook, Electronic resource, Audiobook.
Published Bolinda audio, 2004
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ISBN: 9781742602974
Series: The Just Series - Book 5
Subject: Children's Fiction; Children