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Paperback. English.
Published Abercynon: Accent Press Ltd, 2016

Reviews by our readers

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Moving and emotional

Added 1st April 2017

A well written story about the painful loss of family and friends. The intensity of the relationships and the emotions laid bare of teenage boys was powerful and superbly written. An excellent read about an important topic.

A powerful read

Added 12th April 2017

A really emotional book which covers a very topical subject . The book deals with the evolving friendship of 3 boys growing up and how the friendship is put to the test . I really engaged with the main characters they were brilliantly developed by the author . Highly recommend this .

Short but strong

Added 5th May 2017

Not a book to "enjoy" in the traditional sense but certainly a worthy attempt to show how a small thing can escalate into something that will affect many people for the remainder of their lives. One for parents to recommend to their older children.

A brilliant read by Janet

Added 17th August 2017

Another LBOY2017 title which covers a multitude of teenage issues and emotions. A fast paced novel which will move you to tears and make you value your friends.

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