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By Clark, Angus
Book. English.
Published London: HarperCollins, [2011?]
In this text, the author has developed his own interpretation of the short form of Cheng Man Ching tai chi and presents it in a style that is easy to...

By Clark, Charles V., Dr
Book. English.
Published London: Vermilion, 2011
Health expert Dr Charles Clark brings you a holistic guide that addresses the major lifestyle and emotional issues which affect those in later years....

By Hennezel, Marie de, 1946-
Book. English.
Published London: Rodale, 2011
The inevitable ageing process does not have to condemn us to solitude, suffering, degradation or dependency. In this meditation on ageing, Marie de Hennezel...

By Cruise, Jorge
Book. English.
Published Carlsbad, Calif.; London: Hay House, 2010
Discover the breakthrough that has banished hundreds of thousands of bellies already, and get the lowdown on more than 6,000 supermarket items, including...

Book. English.
Published London: Reader's Digest, 2012
Minimise or prevent health problems such as arthritis, diabetes, heart disease and ulcers. In addition to advice on preventing more than 90 specific conditions...

By Kita, Joe
Book. English.
Published London: Reader's Digest, 2012
Whether you want to sleep better, pick a doctor, lose weight or lower your cholesterol, you will find effective ways to do so in this guide. Plus there...

By Hitchens, Christopher
Book. English.
Published London: Atlantic, 2012
'Mortality' is Christopher Hitchens's unsparingly honest account of the ravages of cancer, an examination of cancer etiquette, and the coda to a lifetime...

By Brinkman, Trevor, 1981-
Book. English.
Published [London?]: Short, 2011
'The Three Hungry Boys' brings together everything the authors learnt when they undertook a challenge to survive for a month on their collective knowledge...

By Phillips, Annie, author
Book. English.
Published London: Radcliffe Publishing, 2013
This practical guide and its companion volume 'Developing Assertiveness Skills for Health and Social Care Professionals' are essential tools for all health...

By Rankin, Lissa, 1969- author
Book. English.
Published Carlsbad, California: Hay House, [2013]
It's called the 'placebo effect', but patients treated with placebos don't just feel better: they can heal their bodies by healing their thoughts. There...
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