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Aguner parashmani

By Ahmad, Humayun
Book. Urdu.
Social Novel


By Zubaida Khatun
Book. Urdu.
Published Lahore: Rahi Kitab Ghar,, 2008
Story of a beautiful girl who suffers at the hands of her wicked step-grandmother, but eventually finds happiness

Ajab nasibi

By Zoha, Syed Sarvat
Book. Urdu.
Published Karachi: Nizami Academy, 2012
Political novel

Akhiri khat

By Ahmad, Anvar
Book. Urdu.
Published Faisalabad: Misal Publishers, 2010
Short stories

Amrita Pritam ke behtarin afsane

By Amrita Pritam,, 1919-
Book. Urdu.
Published Lahore: Book Talk, 2007
Short stories by a famous writer and poet

Anjani taqat

By Ahmad, Ishtiaq
Book. Urdu.
Published Karachi: Atlantis Publications, [s.d.] 2013
Mystery, suspense

Aseb zada

By Siddiqi, Anvar
Book. Urdu.
Published Lahore: al Quraish Publications, 2013
Short stories. Horror, mystery, crime and punishment

Atut rishta

By Quddusi, Manzar
Book. Urdu.
Published Delhi: Modern Publishing House, 2008
Social and educational novel

Bahar ane tak

By Fakhira Jabin
Book. Urdu.
Published Lahore: al Quraish Publications, 2013
Five stories

Band darvazon peh dastak

By Rao, Ghazala Jalil
Book. Urdu.
Published Lahore: Khazina e Ilm o Adab, 2013
Three stories
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