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By Busch, Andrew
Book. English.
Published Pittsburgh, Pa. : University of Pittsburgh Press 1999

By Lewis, James R
Book. English.
Published Santa Barbara, Calif. ; Oxford : ABC-CLIO 1998
Since the early 1970s, alternative religious movements known as cults have been the focus of ever-increasing controversy in America. Cults in America:...

By Maisel, Louis Sandy, 1945-
Book. English.
Published Lanham, Md. ; Oxford : Rowman & Littlefield 1999
3rd ed
This text covers all aspects of the electoral process from historical roots to election year 2000. This new edition is revised and updated, and includes...

By Nie, Norman H
Book. English.
Published Chicago : University of Chicago Press 1996
Formal education is crucial for creating enlightened and active citizens. The better educated are more engaged, more knowledgeable, and more politically...

By Mennell, Stephen
Book. English.
Published Cambridge : Polity 2007
'The American Civilizing Process' provides a highly original, provocative account of how America came to be what it is today

By O'Connor, James (James R.)
Book. English.
Published New Brunswick, N.J. ; London : Transaction 2002

By Kaplan, Jeffrey, 1954-
Book. English.
Published Syracuse, N.Y.[Great Britain] : Syracuse University Press 1997
This work focuses on the milieu of three religiously based apocalyptic movements, their radical doctrine and rejection of mainstream American culture....

By Weigel, Gustave, 1906-1964
Book. English.
Published Baltimore: Helicon Press, [1961]

By Rich, Alan
Book. English.
Published London : Phaidon 1995
The first book to concentrate on the rebellious trend within American music at the turn of the 20th century. Their pioneering flair was an act of defiance...
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