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By Bergman, Andrew
Book. English.
Published Chicago : Ivan R. Dee 1992

Book. English.
Published Maidenhead : Open University Press 2006
This is a comprehensive introduction to post-classical American film. Covering American cinema since 1960, the text looks at both Hollywood and non-mainstream...

By Lev, Peter, 1948-
Book. English.
Published Austin, TX : University of Texas Press 2000
While the anti-establishment rebels of 1969's "Easy Rider" were morphing into the nostalgic yuppies of 1983's. "The Big Chill", "Seventies" movies brought...

By Lewis, Jon, 1955-
Book. English.
Published New York : W.W. Norton 2008
Gives an overview of the history of American filmmaking available. Focused on aspects of the film business that are of interest to undergraduates, this...

By Behlmer, Rudy
Book. English.
Published Hollywood, Calif. : S. French 1990
A view of all the machinations, foibles, and happy accidents behind the making of some of America's greatest films

By Bernardoni, James
Book. English.
Published Jefferson, N.C. ; London : McFarland 1991, 2001
In the 1970s, independent directors freed from the budgetary and aesthetic limitations imposed by studio moguls were the 'New Hollywood'. This book assesses...

Book. English.
Published Amsterdam : Amsterdam University Press 2003
This publication is a major evaluation of the 1970s American cinema, including cult film directors such as Bogdanovich Altman and Peckinpah

Book. English.
Published Piscataway, N.J.: Rutgers University Press; London: Eurospan [distributor], 2008
The profound cultural and political changes of the 1960s brought the US closer to social revolution than at any other time in the 20th century. This text...

By Doherty, Thomas, 1952-
Book. English.
Published Philadelphia, Pa. : Temple University Press 2002
2nd ed
Doherty shows how Hollywood's discovery of the teenage moviegoer initiated a progressive 'juvenilization' of movie content. This text looks at the development...

By Belton, John, 1945-
Book. English.
Published New York ; London : McGraw-Hill 2005
Ideal for introducing American cinema courses, this text offers a cultural examination of the US motion picture industry, with attention focused on the...
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