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By Rich, Alan
Book. English.
Published London : Phaidon 1995
The first book to concentrate on the rebellious trend within American music at the turn of the 20th century. Their pioneering flair was an act of defiance...

By Green, Archie
Book. English.
Published Urbana, Ill. : University of Illinois Press 2002
In this exploration of tin men and their creators, the labour folklorist Archie Green links tinsmith artistry to issues of craft education, union traditions...

Book. English.
Published New York ; London : Greenwood Press 1992
Although contemporary American crafts are widely exhibited and appreciated, very little information is available about the artists themselves, their training...

By Meyer, James
Book. English.
Published New Haven, Conn. ; London : Yale University Press 2004
The simple question "What is minimalism?" has defied simple answers. Artists known as minimalists have distinctively different methods and points of view...

By Grant, Daniel
Book. English.
Published New York : Allworth Press 2006

Book. English.
Published Zurich : Scalo ; London : Thames & Hudson 1999

By Dettmar, Kevin J. H
eBook. English.
Published Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2009
A towering figure in American culture and a global twentieth-century icon, Bob Dylan has been at the centre of American life for over forty years. The...

By Giroux, Henry A
Book. English.
Published Boulder : Paradigm Publishers 2006

Book. English.
Published Winchester : Telos 2000

By Gottschild, Brenda Dixon
Book. English.
Published New York ; Basingstoke : Palgrave 2002
This study focuses on the social, racial, and artistic climate for African-American performers working during the swing era, roughly the late 1920s through...
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